Welcome to the Vibrant Vintage CAL (VVCAL) Information Page! Here you will find the fully-linked timeline (near the top for easy access), design basics, and color choices for our blanket.


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I’ll link all patterns and instructions as I write them up, this way you can skip around and/or use joining and border instructions for other projects through the year. If something is not anywhere linked, it just means I have not added the post yet. Adjust your CAL speed to as slowly or quickly you’d like to complete your blanket.

Try this CAL in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn with a huge color range, such as:

Related Links

  • Ravelry ebook the patterns so far, with full instruction, charted instruction, and at the end of the PDF, you will find a condensed version of the pattern for printing (ink saver!)
  • NOTE: click URL in that ebook above to download new 45-page PDF which includes condensed versions of all 33 square patterns, 2 Border options, and the lace border. All written instruction only.
  • Ravelry group – Join if you want to! Anyone can participate in this open CAL just by following along each week – subscribe to this site, or join the Rav group if you like
  • *NEW* Facebook Group – Vibrant Vintage CAL (official) – Join if you like!
  • Basic USA crochet terms with tutorials from CrochetCabana.com
  • Finishing ends on squares (do them as you go!) Tons of info at Crochet Cabana

Share your progress!

I look forward to seeing all the blanket variations and color selections y’all come up with!

Helpful Notes

Square size

  • Make sure your squares all have the same number of stitches on each side. It doesn’t have to be 88 sts final round like mine. If you want to choose your own pattern squares, just make sure they are all the same amount of sts on the final round.
  • Make sure your squares are very close in size. A couple millimeters off is nothing to worry about, but if you find one is way off from the others and you want to tweak the pattern, just preserve the same stitch count.

Head to the Ravelry group (linked above) for the forum with lots of help for any questions or concerns

Timeline – Dates and Links

Note! I have updated the schedule! See shortened CAL length below – 2 “fancy” squares per week starting Week 14.


There are 64 Squares total – 32 Design squares, and 32 Plain squares (24 solid, 8 multi-color).

For Weeks 1-32, we will be working 2 squares per week – 1 Design square and 1 Plain square. Sub in your favorite granny squares if you like!

General Square Info

  • Size: 5.5in, before the additional DC round
  • Stitch count – Squares are 23 SC across on the final round, including the corner stitches, and before the additional DC round
  • Design squares are named after lots of wonderful people I have known!

Every 8 weeks during this time, we will edge our granny squares with a DC round. You can also do this after you make them every week! I prefer to edge mine in batches. Link to square edging instruction is in the weekly schedule below.


Get ready to begin the CAL on January 15!

Yaaaaaay! 64 Squares completed and edged, ready to join – round of applause!



We will join with a “continuous join as you go” method of my PLT Join. The blanket is made of 8 rows, with 8 squares each. If you would like to use the joining method for a different blanket, find general join instructions at the following links.

PLT Join || SC JAYG – Feat. PLT Join || SC Continuous JAYG – Feat. PLT Join || Celtic Lace Joins

Each of the next 4 weeks links to the square placement and joining documentation for each row, specific to this blanket.

  • Week 24: June 24 – Join row 1 & 2
  • Week 25: July 1 – Join row 3 & 4
  • Week 26: July 8 – Join row 5 & 6
  • Week 27: Jul7 15 – Join row 7 & 8


The border instruction is all in one place, but I broke down the rounds a bit over the next few weeks. By early-August, if you’ve been following along, you should have a completed blanket! 🙂

Vibrant Vintage CAL Blanket complete!



Based on this piece, from my Patchwork collection.

64 Blocks

– 32 Granny Square designs

– 24 Plain Granny Squares
– 8 Multi-Color Granny Squares

Features a “Continuous JAYG” joining method

Lush lace border with unique shell corners


Color Palette


I’ll be using 20 colors for my blanket. In case you want to know exactly what yarn I’m using, I have listed the shades below. You can definitely use any stash yarn you want – I’ve updated with some options at the bottom of this post.

I am using 1 shade of New Fashion DK, and 19 shades of Stylecraft Special DK. You can use any colors you like! Here are the ones I chose – based on a selection by Little Tin Bird (see her gorgeous post here) I’ll also be using some random yarns from my stash, because I like vintage looking blankets to be really scrappy.

Hook: Size H

New Fashion DK – #438 – Aspen

Stylecraft Special DK

  1. #1019 Cloud Blue
  2. #1241 Fondant
  3. #1084 Magenta
  4. #1065 Meadow
  5. #1390 Clematis
  6. #1316 Spring Green
  7. #1422 Aspen
  8. #1068 Turquoise
  9. #1081 Saffron
  10. #1034 Sherbet
  11. #1432 Wisteria
  12. #1302 Denim
  13. #1003 Aster
  14. #1082 Bluebell
  15. #1132 Shrimp
  16. #1246 Lipstick
  17. #1023 Raspberry
  18. #1083 Pomegranate
  19. #1061 Plum

Updated to add:

Vibrant Vintage blanket is approximately 68x68inches when worked in DK weight yarn with size 5mm hook.

You can make it any size by changing the square amount, or by working with different weight yarn. Any weight yarn with your favorite corresponding hook will work! Many of you are really interested in the join and border instruction! I’ll tell you that it doesn’t matter how big your blanket is… The join and border will be written such that they will fit on any size blanket.

Here are some options for you:

  1. Make a DK weight scrappy blanket like me! Use as many colors as you want, and you’ll need about 4 balls of neutral color for the join and the v-stitch portion of the border
  2. Make a worsted weight blanket! You’ll need about 60-70oz of worsted weight yarn total – I will use 9-10 skeins of 7oz each.
  3. Use up more of each yarn ball by choosing a smaller color palette. Do this option if you don’t have much stash, and you don’t want to have too much yarn left over. You’ll need 12 colors for the squares and final border, and 4 balls neutral for join and v-stitch portion of border. 16 balls total
  4. If you want to work an all neutral border, you only need 10 balls for the squares, and 6 balls neutral for join and border. Still 16 balls total

Any other blanket options are up to you! Have fun! Go wild! Tag #VVCAL 😉






204 thoughts on “Vibrant Vintage CAL – Main”

  1. I just cannot do the Rebecca square….so frustrating for me, the tail puff. I think I will just make a second square od one of the easier ones instead of driving myself crazy, unless someone can give me some advice.

    1. Hi Miss Beverly! You can hop over to the groups on Ravelry or Facebook – links in this post – or definitely just copy another square from this CAL, or even insert any square you want that’s 88 sts on the final round/comparable size. Any of those options should help! Happy crafting! 😊❤️ – RC

  2. Yes, Just where do I go in Ravelry to download the free E-Book to get this awesomely beautiful Afghan Pattern and the Square patterns ? And where is the PDF?

    1. Hi there! Everything you need to get started is under the “Related Links” section at the beginning of this post – thank you for joining in with us! 🙂 feel free to join the Ravelry or Facebook group – both also linked above – there’s loads of support in there.

      Happy crafting to you!
      Rachele C.

      1. I just clicked on the link for the E-book and is shows ma a lamb named Sherbet and says the page cannot be found…

  3. Finally! I am caught up, with all 18 squares made and edged. After getting a late start from waiting on yarn, then putting aside for WIPs for my daughter’s baby shower, and just daily obligations, I finally spent today being a couch potato and caught up. Now I have a day or so before the next square is released (I hope) !

    1. Splendid! I’m so pleased that you like it and do pop in to the FB/Rav groups or tag #vvcal on social media with progress pics – I’ve had the best time seeing everyone’s squares! ❤️❤️
      Happy crafting,
      Rachele C.

  4. Why is the Sofia square not accessible on the list? Usually they are underlined and I am able to access the squares that way but not so with Sofia.

      1. I can’t seem to access the Ashley pattern – it’s not underlined like the others. Why is that?

      2. Alrighty fixed 🙂 And Faye is fixed as well – not sure why the links didn’t stick! Well, enjoy your crafty time! ❤️❤️ – RC

    1. Yep! It’s coming next – I shuffled him down two spaces from 12 to 14 because coming next is a square that looks like it has a sun in the center, and I wanted to call it “Ray”mond.. 😊😊😊❤️
      Good eye!
      Rachele C.

    1. Coming soon! Raymond and Gabriella 😁😁 Its a 2 square day! For now we are at a gymnastics talent show for my youngest daughter! ❤️❤️❤️ But will post both squares soon 👍🏻
      Thanks for checking in on him! Hahaha

  5. SO beautyfull I love it and are going to join in as soon as I the yarn arrives 🙂
    which colors have you used for the border?

  6. I clicked on the link for the ebook, but the page I am taken to says the the page is not available. I really want to try making the squares, but am not having any luck. please help. Thanks!

  7. Am I missing the border in the ravelry link? I can’t seem to find it and I would love to use it at some point.

      1. Haha! Thank you for replying! That definitely explains why I couldn’t find it! XD
        Your blanket is lovely. Such impressive talent! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Love, love, love this beautiful afghan! And loving all the colors! In your general info, you say that the squares should be 5.5 inches square before the final DC round and that each should have 23 stitches on each side including the corner stitches. I think that you meant 22 each side as the individual squares end with a total of 88 SC which divided by 4 is 22. Personally, I never make a mistake….. I make a zillion…. smile. Thank you for such a wonderful pattern!

    1. Thank you! I just mean when you look at each individual side, it has 23 – if you count both corner stitches. It’s just an easy way to make sure you have the right amount of stitches as you work each side – corner sc to corner sc. Thanks for the kind word and happy crafting to you! 😊❤️

  9. Love the blanket and patterns 🙂 but please make a list of what color edge you have used on each square…….
    ex week 3:
    Cecilia square – square in color Spring Green and edge in color xxx,
    Plain Granny Square in color Meadow and edge in color xxx

    week 4:
    Nicolas square in color Denim and edge in color xxx
    Plain Granny square in color Raspberry and edge in color xxx

    1. Hi there! For the official CAL blanket, I have only edged in one color – it’s actually 2 shades (one cream base, one white base) and they both have a variegated ply woven through. The yarn is called “I Love this yarn” by a craft store called Hobby Lobby – and the colors are Sorbet Ribbon and Madrigal – both have the multicolor ply twisted throughout. It’s lovely! A little heavier weight than the Stylecraft DK, so I go down a hook size to edge.
      Hope this helps! Many folks are edging with only one color, and other are edging with the same Stylecraft colors. I think it looks great either way!
      Happy crafting ❤️❤️
      Rachele C.

      1. Thank you 🙂
        I hope there comes a picture where we can se the hole blanket and all the sguares (the one in the first picture above on this page) when the border is finished, I just love the colors put together in that blanket and the multicolored squares…just love everything about it 🙂

      2. Thank you! It was so fun to make and I’m enjoying writing and sharing the square patterns! I think there are 4 weeks more of squares, then it’s onto joining! 😊❤️ looking forward to it! – RC

  10. Hi,

    I am about to order yarn to start this lovely vintage blanket. What yarn are you using for the join and the boarder? Can’t wait to get started.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hey there! Well I am using a cream color baby yarn – Bernat I think.. I’m not using Stylecraft, but there should be details on how much yarn to order if you’d like to do the border in Stylecraft – a solid cream border or a cream/multicolor one. I think 4-5 balls of stylecraft cream (parchment?) will be enough if you want to join and make edging all cream.
      Hope this helps! 🙂
      Rachele Cz

      1. Thank you for the reply. I have started the squares an I am very much enjoying this project. Thank you for excellent descriptions.


  11. Should the instructions say we are edging 14 squares this week? Remember, there was a week where we only did one square and a plain?

    1. Hey there! I haven’t changed that count since I updated the CAL speed, but you’re welcome to calculate it! You can edge them as you go, or you can do them all at once – it’s up to you! Enjoy your evening (if you’re near CST 😉) and happy crafting as always!
      Rachele C.

  12. I’m really enjoying this CAL and managing to keep up to keep up each week! Looking ahead I wondered what the ‘crystal’ multi was?

  13. On the William square, round 4, is there possibly a mistake or am I misreading something? **chain 3, (DC, ch 1, DC) in next chain space….Is this supposed to say in next ch 1 space? Because there are also 2 ch 2 spaces on each side.

    1. Hi there! Try clicking the “CypressTextiles” at the top of the page to get to the home page – then you’ll see all the squares (most recent 5) featured at the top. Hope it helps! Happy crafting! RC

  14. Is the blanket featured above made with your color palette? Some of the colors–dark tea, dark purple, etc.–do not appear to be in the color palette pictured.

    1. Yes that blanket I made with 1) Squares: The “Summer Evening” yarn pack curated by MyCraftLife (Anita Gibney) on Facebook/IG – the yarn brand is New Fashion DK, 2) Square borders and final border/edging: Yarn is Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed in various complementary colors, and 3) Joining and V-stitch portion of edging: I used a 100% recycled cream color cotton yarn (thrift shop sweater pulled apart) from a shop on Etsy .. So since I used all random stash yarns, I decided to change the yarn/palette for the CAL blanket! 😁😁❤️

      1. What colors does the “summer evening” yarn pack from New Fashion DK contain?

        Sorry to read that we are not endeing up with a blanket in the same colors as the one on this main page since the colors in this blanket is the ones I felle in love with, not the patterns.

      2. It’s a yarn pack – I would head to the My Craft Life Facebook site to see details – or she has an Instagram as well @mycraftlife – hope it helps! The CAL is for the 33 free granny square patterns, not just color palette – happy crafting! – Rachele C.

    1. Hey there! There are 32 design squares and 32 plain/multi – the first design square is “Rebecca” on January 15 and the final design square is “Crystal” on June 17. Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! Happy crafting to you! 😊❤️

      1. still make it 31, sorry. The last week it says Week 23: June 17 – Amanda + Crystal Plain multi + Edge 16 squares. Unless Crystal plain multi is a typo and should be Crystal
        + plain multi.
        Am loving learning new stitches though. Thank you for a wonderful pattern

  15. I agree with clarerevell above. I will only have 63 squares. This has been bothering me so much (OCD) LOL. The week we did Lincoln we did 2 plain also, throwing the count off. Can you please go back and count to see if you come up with the same as we do?

    1. Hehe isn’t crochet supposed to ease the OCDs of life 😝 I think when I sped up the square weeks by doubling them up and releasing 2 per week, the count got off.. Either way, the final count for what you need to make are the 32 named squares as linked above (with the exception of Amanda and Crystal which come out on Friday), plus 24 plain, and 8 multicolor squares which will make your total of 64. Truthfully I’m not even caught up! I am 9 plain and all 6 multicolor behind! We’ll get there.. Just make sure by June 24 you have the 32, 24, and 8 if you want to be all caught up and ready to join. 😁👍🏻 which means I’ll have to catch up too! 😝😝

    1. Hi there! The joining started yesterday – as per instructions of you scroll down the schedule we will join the first 2 rows this week (placement is supposed to be random, but choose any layout you prefer!) – the joins are linked in this post, and the actual join I am using is the continuous JAYG SC – with PLT.

      You can choose any join you prefer as the edging is written for any stitch count.

      I’m on weekend vacation, but I’ll be back Monday and show my first two rows of squares joined.

      Happy crafting!

  16. Sorry to bother you on vacation, but that is something else I was wondering, do we place certain squares next to each other, or how do we do this? The place where it says the schedule for this week was not highlighted, so I didn’t know what to do.

  17. I cannot grasp the join! I am so confused, I have a headache. I will put it aside and try later.

    1. Good idea! Once you get the rhythm of it, it’s so easy! There’s a video of the PLT join on Instagram that a user posted – here’s that link:


      It may help with the PLT part! If the “continuous” part of the join is too confusing, you can just work a regular join as you go – here is that link:


      Maybe that will help! Trust me, once you get a feel for it, it’s a very flat and uniform join.

      Happy crafting,
      Rachele C.

  18. Could you tell me where the link for June 25th is for the 1st week of joining? I have not started this yet – too many WIPs to start another, but plan on getting to it once I get caught up a bit. I absolutely love this blanket!

    1. Hi there! It’s not linked, but all the joining options are listed in the joining section. The one I am doing for the official blanket is the Continuous SC JAYG 👌🏻 I’ll have a post for it soon, but for now the instructions can be followed in that join’s post because I even used VVCAL squares for the demo. 😊😊❤️
      Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.

    1. I’ve been super busy with a pattern book (eep!) so I may just have to write it in real time as it’s actually due.. According to the schedule. I’ve said before I wanted to release the border pattern early, but I can’t responsibly put that on my plate at the moment.. So it looks like it’ll be released according to the schedule in this post 🙂
      Thank you!
      Rachele C.

  19. I have just found this CAL. Really like it, but trying to complete some other pieces. I am going to try and start real soon, have a bit of stash to use as a start and then will see how I go. Thank you for your time doing all this for us ‘hookers’ xxxUrsula

  20. I absolutely love this CAL – but am buried under several WIP’s … I am waiting for the border to be released,o I can have all the particulars to get started… have a dear friend in BC who has had some very hard times this past year and would love to do this for her – she has admired it several times!! Is there an order to the joining of the blocks? I see each week but dont know what blocks are joined in Wk 1 or Wk 2, etc

    1. Hey there! Lovely reason to craft – to cheer a friend with a handmade gift to treasure forever ❤️❤️❤️ The join order for the blocks is supposed to be random, but I’ve seen many that are like a checkerboard with plain and design blocks, or diagonal lines of color shades.. I’ve seen it all! And they’re all gorgeous 😊😊

      Thanks for joining in! The patterns will be up forever, so no rush 🙂
      Rachele C.

    1. Hi there! We will begin the border on July 22 – I wish I could have posted it early but I have a book deadline that has me crocheting like a madwoman 😁😁😁 See you then! 😊😊❤️

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