VVCAL – Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the Vibrant Vintage CAL!

If you’re just joining us, we’ve made 2 squares so far!

Note: Are you enjoying this CAL? The VVCAL is a FOREVER FREE collection of 33 afghan block patterns including PDF versions, charts, and photo steps, plus mix-and-match joining methods and edging options, as well as endless support via myself, or social media groups. I thought this could be a great opportunity if anyone feels like they can donate to a worthy cause. Someone very close to me is going through stage 4 cancer, while somehow managing to keep up with two toddlers (one newly adopted, and one surprise natural success!). Any amount will help, and each week I will donate 100% of the funds to their GoFundMe page for medical bills. Click here to donate; I genuinely appreciate it!

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Each week, I’ll be posting a new “Fancy” granny square pattern. All you need to do this week is make 2 li’l squares.
2 Squares and the color in which I worked them:


Ana Maria Square

Charted instruction:


Written instruction:

Special stitches

  • Beg DC = (SC, Ch-1)
  • Beg TR  = (SC, Ch-2)
  • 2TR Cluster = *YO 2 times, insert hook in st, YO, draw yarn through, (YO, draw yarn through 2 loops) twice, repeat from * once, YO, draw yarn through all 3 loops
  • 2DC Cluster = *YO, insert hook in st, YO, draw yarn through, YO, draw yarn through 2 loops, repeat from * once, YO, draw yarn through all 3 loops
  • 3DC Cluster = *YO, insert hook in st, YO, draw yarn through, YO, draw yarn through 2 loops, repeat from * twice, YO, draw yarn through all 4 loops


Foundation: Ch-3 and join in first Ch to make ring. You may also make a magic circle if you prefer that method. Also feel free to chain more stitches if you are used to chaining 4 or 5. I like to chain 3 for my ring, because I like the center hole to disappear when I weave ends.

Work 5 Rounds as follows…

Round 1: All in ring, working over center tail so as to pull center circle closed tight when square is complete: Make Beg TR, TR (Ch-3, 2TR Cluster) 11 times, Ch-3, join with a slip stitch in top of Beg TR.  _12 2TR Cluster, 12 3-chain loop total_ 

Round 2: In first chain loop: (Beg DC, 2DC Cluster), **((Chain 4, 3DC Cluster in next chain loop)) twice, Chain 3, 3DC Cluster, Repeat from ** 2 times more, Repeat from (( to )) twice, Chain 3, join with a slip stitch to top of Beg DC.  _12 3DC Cluster, 12 chain loop total_

Round 3: In first chain loop: (Beg DC, 2DC, chain-2 and SC in top of DC -Picot made- , 2DC), **in next chain loop: (3DC, Picot, 2DC), repeat from ** 10 times more, join with a slip stitch to Beg DC.  _60 DC, 12 Picot total_

Round 4: Working to the RIGHT – in between the final DC of Round 3 and the joining stitch of round 3 (see close-up photo below): (Beg DC, Chain 2), **between the next 2 groups of 5DC,  (3TR, Chain 3, 3TR) -corner made- *(Chain 2, 2DC between the next 2 groups of 5DC) twice*, Chain 2, repeat from ** 2 times more, make corner, repeat from * to * once, Chain 2, DC in same spot as Beg DC to complete round, join with a slip stitch to Beg DC.  _16 DC, 4 corners, 12 2-chain spaces total_

Round 5: SC in Beg DC and in all stitches around, putting 3SC in all chain spaces (including corner chain spaces). Join with a slip stitch in first SC, cut yarn and finish off ends. _88 SC total_