VVCAL blanket in green palette – A very green post :)

Sometimes I look at my WIP and think, "Why are you like this?" Lol - but this method is faster, or at least in my mind.  Besides, this pic from January 2015 has over a hundred thousand pins or something, so it can't be that crazy..  But what IS crazy is how many joins I… Continue reading VVCAL blanket in green palette – A very green post 🙂

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Food Scale = Total Game Changer

Between writing free content, self-publishing paid patterns, and completing design commissions, my business is getting to be more stressful and less fulfilling lately. So I've been taking a closer look at the pretty crafter photos on social media, searching for tools and tips to make my crochet life easier. A strong tool that I discovered… Continue reading Food Scale = Total Game Changer

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Whip St Join for Hexagons

Hi there! For this YouTube Video tutorial, click here.  (Ravelry link coming soon) Note: This tutorial is part of Hexagon Month - September's Theme of the Month. Introduction If you absolutely cannot fathom the idea of sewing your motifs together, then this is the sewing join for you. I'm working on a huge blog post… Continue reading Whip St Join for Hexagons