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VVCAL – Week 8


Welcome to the eighth week of the Vibrant Vintage CAL! (Actual Scheduled Date: March 4, 2016)

If you’re just joining in, we’ve made 14 squares so far! Go catch up! 😉

Note: Are you enjoying this CAL? The VVCAL is a FOREVER FREE collection of 33 afghan block patterns including PDF versions, charts, and photo steps, plus mix-and-match joining methods and edging options, as well as endless support via myself, or social media groups. I thought this could be a great opportunity if anyone feels like they can donate to a worthy cause. Someone very close to me is going through stage 4 cancer, while somehow managing to keep up with two toddlers (one newly adopted, and one surprise natural success!). Any amount will help, and each week I will donate 100% of the funds to their GoFundMe page for medical bills. Click here to donate; I genuinely appreciate it!

Also, if you want to edge your squares, and you haven’t been edging them as you go, now is the time when we are supposed to edge the squares we’ve made so far. 16 squares after the 2 from today 🙂

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Each week, I’ll be posting a new “Fancy” granny square pattern. All you need to do this week is make 2 li’l squares!
2 Squares and the color in which I worked them:

Rachel Square

For more info about the size of your squares, please see the Main Post.

Charted instruction:

Rachel chart


Written instruction:

Special stitches

  • Beg DC = (SC, Ch-1)
  • Popcorn = 7DC in same spot, take loop off hook, insert hook in top of first DC, place loop back on hook and pull through first DC to front of work

Foundation: Ch-3 and join in first Ch to make ring.

Round 1: All in ring, working over center tail so as to pull center circle closed tight when square is complete: SC, (Chain 7, SC) 7 times, (Chain 3, TR) –substitute chain-7 loop made- _8 SC, 8 Chain-7 spaces total_

Round 2: SC in same spot as Round 1 finish, (Chain 2, SC in next chain loop, Chain 5, SC in next chain loop) 3 times, Chain 2, DC in first SC of round. _8 SC, 4 Chain-2 spaces, 4 Chain-5 spaces total_

Note: The chart instruction shows slight variation of the end-of-round method for Round 2. Use either chart or written instruction for Round 2.

Round 3: Beg DC in same spot, 5 DC in same chain space, (Chain 2, 11 DC in next chain-5 corner space) 3 times, chain 2, 5 DC in first corner to complete it, join with a slip stitch in top of Beg DC _44 DC, 4 Chain-2 spaces total_

Round 4: In same st as join: (Beg DC, Chain 1, 2 DC), ** Chain 2, Skip 2 st, DC in next st, Chain 3, Make Popcorn around BOTH Chain-2 spaces from Rounds 2 and 3 (this means make all DCs of Popcorn around both Chain spaces, binding them together inside the Popcorn), Chain 3, Skip 2 sts, DC in next st, Chain 2, skip 2 sts, (2 DC, Chain 1, 2 DC) in next st –corner made- , repeat from ** 3 times more, omitting final “corner” on third repeat, DC in first corner to complete it, join with a slip stitch in top of Beg DC _24 DC, 4 Popcorns, 8 Chain-2 spaces, 8 Chain-3 spaces total_

Round 5: In first chain space, (Beg DC, Chain 1, DC), ** DC in next st twice, 2 DC in chain space, DC in next st, 3 DC in chain space, DC in top of Popcorn, 3 DC in chain space, DC in next st, 2 DC in chain space, DC in next st twice, (DC, Chain 1, DC) –corner made-, repeat from ** 3 times more, omitting final “corner” on third repeat, join with a slip stitch in top of Beg DC _76 DC, 4 Chain-1 spaces total_

Round 6: 3SC in first chain space, SC in all stitches and chain spaces around, placing 3SC in 3 more corners, join with a slip stitch in first SC _88 SC total_




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  2. Michele B says

    Not sure if anyone noticed this before, but round 3 calls for , 9 DC in next chain-5 corner space. Chart shows 11 dc.


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