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Plain Granny Square

Hello! You’ve landed on the Plain Granny Square pattern that we will be working weekly during the VVCAL. Each of the 32 weeks of squares, I’ll link to this pattern. We will make 24 Solid and 8 Multi-color versions of these squares, 1 per week.

Note: Are you enjoying this CAL? The VVCAL is a FOREVER FREE collection of 33 afghan block patterns including PDF versions, charts, and photo steps, plus mix-and-match joining methods and edging options, as well as endless support via myself, or social media groups. I thought this could be a great opportunity if anyone feels like they can donate to a worthy cause. Someone very close to me is going through stage 4 cancer, while somehow managing to keep up with two toddlers (one newly adopted, and one surprise natural success!). Any amount will help, and each week I will donate 100% of the funds to their GoFundMe page for medical bills. Click here to donate; I genuinely appreciate it!

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Plain Granny Square: Solid

Charted instruction:

Plain Granny Square with Key

Written instruction:

Special stitches

  • Beg DC = (SC, Ch-1)


Foundation: Ch-3 and join in first Ch to make ring. You may also make a magic circle if you prefer that method. Also feel free to chain more stitches if you are used to chaining 4 or 5. I like to chain 3 for my ring, because I like the center hole to disappear when I weave ends.

Work 7 Rounds as follows…

Round 1: All in ring, working over center tail so as to pull center circle closed tight when square is complete: Beg DC, Ch-1, (2DC, Ch-1) 3 times, DC, join with a slip stitch in top chain of Beg DC _8 DC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 2: In chain space: (Beg DC, Ch-1, 3DC), (3DC, Ch-1, 3DC) in next chain space -corner made- repeat corner 2 times more, 2DC in first chain space to complete corner, join with a slip stitch in top chain of Beg DC _24 DC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 3: In chain space: (Beg DC, Ch-1, 3DC), **3DC in between clusters of 3DC across to corner space, make corner, repeat from ** 2 times more. 3DC in between clusters of 3DC across to first chain space, 2DC in chain space to complete corner, join with a slip stitch to top chain of Beg DC. _36 DC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 4: Repeat Round 3 _48 DC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 5: Repeat Round 3 _60 DC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 6: In chain space: (Beg DC, Ch-1, 2HDC), **HDC in all stitches across to corner chain space, (2HDC, Ch-1, 2HDC) all in corner chain space -HDC corner made- Repeat from ** 2 times more, HDC in all stitches across to first chain space HDC in first chain space, join with a slip stitch to top of beg DC _76 HDC,4 Ch-1 total_

Round 7: 3SC in chain space, SC in all stitches around, placing 3SC in corners. After final SC, join with a slip stitch in first SC, cut yarn and finish off ends _88 SC total_ 

Shown below is a closeup of the door just before working a 3SC corner in the chain space. I show this just to clarify where to place stitches, because working into an HDC can be a little confusing. In the photo below, I’m ready to work the 3SC corner.

A very sunny snapshot of the finished plain square, with ends woven in.

Plain Granny Square: Multi-color

Work exactly as for Solid square above, but choose 5 colors for Rounds 1-5, and a sixth color for both Rounds 6 and 7.

Cut yarn and weave in ends after every color round, and join new color with a slip stitch in corner chain space to begin the next round.



  1. Buen día. Le agradecería si pudiera poner vídeos de las uniones: ENCAJE CELTIC, etc… pues me hes muy difícil entender los patrones.
    Gracias por tan magnífico bloc.
    Un saludo,
    Carmen of Spain

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  4. Valerie Harris says

    I am really happy with this new CAL but I am not understanding your beginning DC stitch. (SC, ch 1)? It does not look right to me. Whatever happened to the ch 3 as the first DC? If I use the ch 3 will this affect the size of the square?

    • You can certainly use chain 3! I like how (SC, Ch-1) looks wider at the bottom, making it look like a “more convincing fake” – definitely use whichever you like, no effect on outcome 👍🏻👍🏻

      Happy crafting!

  5. So you don’t flip your squares over each round as you do with your granny blanket?

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  22. Laura says

    What size hook are you using? Is this Worsted weight yarn? Thank you!

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