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Celtic Lace Junior and Mini! 

Hello again! Today I have another option for joining your Vibrant Vintage CAL squares. It’s actually two options, because I have a Junior version and a Mini version of the Celtic Lace Join for you, so you can choose the perfect width join for your square size. See all projects where I’ve used Celtic Lace Junior and Mini here! For the VVCAL, you have edged your squares in DC – here I have (some of) them edged in pale orange. The actual VVCAL pattern calls for 5DC in each corner, but here I’ve used (2DC, Chain 1, 2DC) corners. It makes no difference! My squares for this demo are a grid of 4×4 = 16 squares. Okay, I’m going to jump right in, using a darker orange color. Celtic Lace Mini Join (great for smaller squares) ROW 1, MOTIF 1 Round 1: Join yarn with a slip stitch in any corner stitch and 3 SC in corner. SC in all stitches around, putting 3 SC in 3 more corners, join with a slip stitch to …


Floating Picot Edging

  Hello, everyone!  I wanted to document an edging that I’ve been using for a long time when I want something simple, but still cute. It adds that perfect little something.  No step-by-step photos here, but it’s so simple! You can set it up with a foundation round of either (SC, Chain 3) – chain-3 loops, or plain SC all around..    Floating Picot Edging pattern: (SC, Chain 3, SC in third chain from hook, chain 1…) repeat… If you have a chain-3 loop foundation, then SC in the next chain loop to start the next repeat..  If you have an SC round foundation, then skip 2 stitches, and SC in the next stitch to start the next repeat..         


Celtic Lace Join

**I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I’ve relocated it here from my portfolio site to further organize my free pattern library – Thank you!* Note: This pattern was added by a crafter to my Ravelry pattern library – check out that addition via this link I originally made this join for my 13th Textured Circles piece, but I ended up re-working that to attain my final measurement. This join can be used for any type square! Enjoy! First motif: Join border color with a slip stitch in any corner stitch. 3SC in same corner stitch. SC around, working 3 SC in all corners. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning SC. (See photo above.) (SC, chain 3, 2DC) all in corner stitch. ***Skip 1 stitch, (DC, chain 3, DC) all in next stitch *V Stitch made* (chain 1, skip 3 stitches, V Stitch) 6 times, (2DC, chain 2, 2DC) all in corner*** Repeat from *** to *** 2 more times and work the final side in the same manner until you reach the first corner. DC …


Planning the VVCAL

Blanket design: Please see the VVCAL Main Page, here for tons of great info including yarn options, weekly CAL schedule, and more!! Color palette for squares: Palette nabbed from Little Tin Bird – with just a couple adjustments due to my yarn diet lol – so I used what I had onhand… All Stylecraft Special DK except for one ball of New Fashion DK in Aspen (the ball without the band). Border colors sorted: For now! We’ll see if I change them later. Planning commenced – with Boo Bear helping of course:   This was my first time cutting yarn pieces and taping them to log the color choices. What a fun activity! Boo Bear is the official ball band remover… He chews them right off! Haha Closeup of my planner for those interested: I use a hard-bound graph paper moleskine, and I draw in the days of the week. I find that for my needs (kids’ after-school activities and homework, meal planning, BabyLove Brand shop needs and to-dos, project planning, etc etc), the less …


Vibrant Vintage CAL – Main

Welcome to the Vibrant Vintage CAL (VVCAL) Information Page! Here you will find the fully-linked timeline (near the top for easy access), design basics, and color choices for our blanket.   Loving the VVCAL and feeling generous? Help me support a dear friend of mine who is battling stage 4 renal cancer, while raising 2 toddlers (one recently adopted, and one surprise successful pregnancy!). Click here to donate – any amount will help, and I genuinely appreciate it! Link leads to I’ll link all patterns and instructions as I write them up, this way you can skip around and/or use joining and border instructions for other projects through the year. If something is not anywhere linked, it just means I have not added the post yet. Adjust your CAL speed to as slowly or quickly you’d like to complete your blanket. Related Links Ravelry ebook the patterns so far, with full instruction, charted instruction, and at the end of the PDF, you will find a condensed version of the pattern for printing (ink saver!) NOTE: click URL in that …