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Vibrant Vintage Crochet Blanket Reboot – Main Info Page (2018 VVCAL)

Hi, y’all! This is going to be a long post, so please kindly make your way to the bottom, taking in all the information. The answer to your burning question just might get answered in this very post! I promise I’ve hammered everything into neat bullet lists for quick reading.

Let’s jump right in!

Warm Neutrals VVCAL reboot palette

VVCAL Reboot

Another VVCAL?? Why? Well, I told everyone I was completely overhauling the VVCAL Square patterns as part of my endeavor to update all of my older patterns for better readability, and one of you spoke up and asked me, “Will there be another CAL as well?” I decided it was actually a great idea. Dutch Rose Blanket CAL was wrapping, and I had been bitten by the bug. So here we are! Of course I couldn’t just rehash the same old CAL! So there are all new squares, which will completely coordinate with the 2016 squares. Yay!

Social media note: We will still be using the old #VVCAL hashtag, to keep growing it. Please just use #VVCAL and/or #cypresstextiles to tag your social media WIP/FO pics. 

Quick Links

  • Ravelry ebook – (Coming May 25) – motifs link back to their blog posts. Favorite the square, add it to your Ravelry queue, leave a comment, see others’ projects, and more!
  • Vibrant Vintage CAL (Official) Facebook Group All the CAL action! Post WIP/FO pics, ask questions, make comments, post anything VVCAL related, even your FO pic of the old 2016 VVCAL blanket that you just got around to finishing. 🙂
  • CypressTextiles Tree Huggers Facebook Group – This is my main FB group (join!). Share your VVCAL progress pics in this group if you like, and I will share CAL highlights here, but the weekly action will be in the other group linked above.
  • YouTube Channel (Subscribe!) – Here I will be posting CAL pattern videos weekly for the duration of the CAL – and I have loads of other tutorial videos too.
  • 2016 CAL Info page – Just in case you want to use some of those patterns in your blanket. The squares all have the same final st count. Note: Find nice and neat 20-page PDF of all 33 VVCAL squares from 2016, plus wide lace border – all updated for clarity – includes written instruction and charts, small fee of $4Craftsy / Etsy.
  • Looking for Dutch Translation? All of these squares will be translated as we go! Many of my other patterns have been generously translated as well – by Iris of Een Mooi Gebaar – scroll down her page to see more!

Joining Checklist

  • All you really need to do is make your blanket, take progress pics, and post them on social media (hashtag #VVCAL), and in the VVCAL Facebook group. The following list items are optional, but encouraged!
  • Subscribe to my blog (sidebar) by May 10 to enter the first giveaway and so that you don’t miss a thing! Every new post sent straight to your email! Read all the info down below.
  • Join the Facebook Groups above, and bookmark my YouTube channel.
  • Choose yarn – ordering info below!

Order Yarn! (The fun part!)

Please order your yarn from one of the following links. I am affiliated with these shops, so by clicking the link below and buying any item, you will help support CypressTextiles and all of the content I produce – at no additional cost to you 🙂 Thank you for your support!

To make the VVCAL 62x74in blanket that following the pattern will produce, you will need 1200g of DK weight yarn. I do have the list of Scheepjes Softfun colors that I am using for the sample demo blanket in Warm Neutrals, and also the list for the alternate suggested colorway, Pastel Chic. These color numbers are listed at the end of this post. Of course, you can make the blanket any size, colors, or yarn weight that you like! So just click a link below and start browsing for your favorite yarns.

Affiliated Yarn Shops

VVCAL Reboot Schedule

Pre-VVCAL Launch

  • May 4 – Info post, including yarn ordering info, CAL voting results, plus first CAL giveaway – The Blog Giveaway (details below)! – You’re reading this post right now – yay!!
  • May 11 – Announce winner of first CAL giveaway
  • May 18 – Second CAL giveaway – The YouTube Giveaway! Enter to win access to my VVCAL Bonus Content Kit!

VVCAL Reboot Kickoff – Let’s make 63 squares together over the next 17 weeks!

  • May 25 – Wk 1: Manglove + Jacaranda + 1 plain square – VVCAL reboot kickoff, plus announce winner of second CAL giveaway
  • June 1 – Wk 2: Weeping Willow + Madrona + 1 plain square
  • June 8 – Wk 3: Dogwood + Crepe Myrtle + 1 plain square
  • June 15 – Wk 4: Magnolia + Live Oak + 1 plain square
  • June 22 – Wk 5: Gingko + Joshua Tree + 1 plain square
  • June 29 – Wk 6: Rowan Tree + Cherry Blossom + 2 plain squares
  • July 6 – Wk 7: Red Maple + Birch + 2 plain squares
  • July 13 – Wk 8: Eucalyptus + Ghost Gum + 2 plain squares
  • July 20 – Wk 9: Cypress + Palm + 2 plain squares
  • July 27 – Wk 10: Cedar + Plumeria + 2 plain squares, half-way mark – third and final CAL giveaway – The Instagram Giveaway!
  • August 3 – Wk 11: Ponderosa + Australian Gum + 2 plain squares
  • August 10 – Wk 12: Lily Pilly + Redbud + 2 plain squares
  • August 17 – Wk 13: Douglas Fir + Tulip Tree + 2 plain squares
  • August 24 – Wk 14: Wisteria + Bonsai + 2 plain squares
  • August 31 – Wk 15: Golden Ash + Wattle Tree + 2 plain squares
  • September 7 – Wk 16: Crabapple + Arbutus + 2 plain squares
  • September 14 – Wk 17: Scots Pine + Pecan Tree + 2 plain squares

Finish Blanket and Celebrate!

  • September 21 – Wk 18: Edge squares/catch up week
  • September 28 – Wk 19: Join squares
  • October 5 – Wk 20: Border – VVCAL Complete!
  • October 12 – Round-up/wrap-up week – Show and tell! Bonus giveaway!

Enter first VVCAL Reboot Giveaway

Subscribe to my blog via email, by filling in the “Follow My Blog” field in the sidebar. (On mobile? Scroll all the way down past my logo to see the giveaway countdown and email subscribe button.) Once you sign up, you’ll automatically be entered in the first giveaway (of three!) that I’ll be hosting during the CAL.

What’s the prize, you ask? A full VVCAL reboot yarn pack – Pastel Chic color palette – 24 x 50g balls of Scheepjes Softfun yarn. Makes a blanket about 62x74in. Huge! Fill in your email address to enter by end of day on May 10 (CST)! Bonus: by following my blog, you’ll never miss a blog post – including VVCAL posts!

Pastel Chic VVCAL reboot palette

CAL Voting Results

From this post – The CAL will feature square motifs, a warm neutrals palette, and last for 20 weeks. Thank you to the 450 or so people who voted!

Thank you!

Without you all, I could not keep living my yarny dreams to provide a comfortable life for my family, while producing delightful and helpful fiber funsies for you lovely people. I am so grateful for your support and I genuinely cannot wait to kick off this VVCAL! It’s going to be amazing 🙂 May 25 can’t get here soon enough!

Warm Neutrals Palette Yarn List

This is the list of colors and quantity of each that I will be using for the sample demo VVCAL blanket.

Scheepjes Softfun

  • 2426 (Main Color used for joining and border) x 5 balls
  • 2510 x 1 balls
  • 2431 x 2 balls
  • 2470 x 2 balls
  • 2612 x 1 balls
  • 2618 x 1 balls
  • 2620 x 2 balls
  • 2619 x 1 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Denim

  • 502 x 1 balls
  • 507 x 2 balls
  • 511 x 2 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Aquarel

  • 804 x 2 balls
  • 806 x 2 balls

Pastel Chic Yarn List

This is a list of yarn colors and quantities for my alternate recommended VVCAL palette. I am giving away a pack of this palette! Read giveaway details above. So easy to enter! Just subscribe to my blog, and you’re in.

Scheepjes Softfun

  • 2426 (Main Color) x 5 balls
  • 2618 x 1 ball
  • 2519 x 2 balls
  • 2512 x 2 balls
  • 2480 x 2 balls
  • 2603 x 2 balls
  • 2609 x 2 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Denim509 x 2 balls

  • 511 x 2 balls
  • 504 x 2 balls
  • 507 x 2 balls


  1. Jennifer says

    Awesome update Rachele! Love both color palettes!!! This will b my first CAL and I’m so excited! I love your designs, color combinations, yarns, and updates …….can’t wait to CAL with everyone! I only do email so I hope I am able to do everything correctly with everyone : )

    I taught myself to crochet when I was around 10 years old many years ago! I asked my mom for a crochet book and hook and she let me pick one out and I’ve loved crocheting ever since!!! I love that crochet is portable, and I take mine along wherever we go!

    Born in Austin, I too live in Texas; outside of Austin
    : )

    Thank u for sharing your talents with us – so happy I found your blog : )

    Jennifer : )

    • Rachele Carmona says

      That’s wonderful, Jennifer – I love your story! My mom taught me to crochet when I was a child, but I didn’t pick it up again until I was in college. Taught myself through books and a campus “stitch in public” club. And yes! Taking crochet everywhere is definitely a requirement haha

      And, hey I was born in Austin also 🙂 But didn’t live there long – grew up in the Houston area for the most part. Love Austin though!! Incredible atmosphere.

      Anyway, thanks for the encouragement – CALs are a commitment, but worth it a hundred fold. I’m glad you’ll be joining, even if only via email. You can expect a VVCAL update post every Friday for the duration of the CAL. 🙂

      Happy crafting, Jennifer!
      Rachele C.

  2. Vickey Ohm says

    So looking forward to this! I have had your patterns printed out for quite some time and just recently began. I wanted a lighter weight blanket for my bed in spring and fall. I will be using worsted scraps from old projects.

    • Rachele Carmona says

      That sounds wonderful – I love scrappy blankets more than anything ❤️ Thanks for the support, and I’m looking forward to the progress pics! ☺️

  3. I can’t wait! I know I have more than enough WIPs on the go at the moment, but I missed out on this the first time around so I’ll put VVCAL in my diary now. So excited!! Off to rummage in my yarn…

  4. As I look at the four WIPs I have in progress now, including the beautiful Dutch Rose, I wonder if I can manage a few more blocks each week. Why not! I’ll give it a go. 🙂

  5. SueSue says

    I’m with one of the other crocheters – can I fit this in with everything? Yeah of course we can!!! Where there is a WIP there is a way. Fingers crossed this is open worldwide.

    • Rachele Carmona says

      Where there’s a WIP there’s a way !!! I love that so much. It’s just 4 or 5 little ol’ squares a week! Totally doable 😁 You can definitely jump in on this CAL from anywhere – including all the giveaways ❤️😁 Thanks for your support and i’ll see you in the CAL!

  6. Shân Murley says

    Hi Racele. Just wondering what join and border you plan to use for this new vvcal. When I saw pics for the first vvcal I fell in love with the celtic lace join and that wide lace border. I am planning to use these for my blanket. If these are not the the join and border that you plan for this reboot, how much extra yarn do you estimate I would need to purchase, and it what colours? Thanks in advance!

    • Rachele Carmona says

      A different wide border will be part of the pattern – not quite as wide, but a whip stitch join will be used. So if you’d like to do a Celtic lace join, you will end up with a much larger blanket (if you do the 63 squares recommended). I will recommend about 250g extra yarn to join with Celtic lace. Or, you can make a smaller blanket than me, with fewer squares, since your Join is much wider than mine. It’s just an estimate! My squares will be bordered with a second color, so this will make a big difference too, whether or not you decide to Border your squares. ❤️

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