Joining Options! 

Meet Celtic Lace Join, and its little kiddoes, Celtic Lace Junior and Mini

Here they are – Mini, Junior, and big mama the original Celtic Lace. 

My VVCAL blanket will use the plain SC join, since that’s what I used on the original patchwork blanket; however, the border pattern is written to accommodate any size blanket, with any join. So feel free to use your favorite joining method! 

My personal fave of these is the Mini version.. I’ll be using that join a lot I think! Hope you all enjoy them 🙂

I know many of you are waiting until all your squares are complete to begin joining, so I’m looking forward to seeing your progress pics! Be sure to hashtag #VVCAL, and check out Facebook and Ravelry groups if you’re not on there already 🙂 
And if you’re loving this forever free CAL, please consider donating – any tiny amount will help! Each week, 100% of donations will go to a dear friend who is battling cancer while raising 2 toddlers (one recent adoption and one surprise pregnancy success!) ❤️❤️❤️


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