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Carefree crochet blanket – showing off my new FO

Say hello to the third Relaxghan of this popular series of free blanket patterns! The Carefree blanket crochet pattern is nearly done, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share the FO photographs with you all.

Carefree Blanket Info

Color inspiration

Bright and bold silk flowers are a staple in my home decor, and this pink and green “homework table” centerpiece is part of the inspiration for Carefree. I try not to think too hard when I decorate – basically I do it for me and me only.. it’s my nest, after all!

The coordinating yarn palette is perfect, although I didn’t end up using all the colors. Some were too peachy to stand out against the (outlandishly rockin’!) pink background.

Those hook rolls are by Sew Ray Me, and I must have about a dozen if not more. I change them out like purses – ha! A pic of my hook rolls is shared below, but I also have several project bags, special notion pouches, and a very cool notebook keeper with a zipper pouch and built in hook roll. Definitely check out SewRayMe on Instagram.

The dainty prints of the rolls in the pic below were perfect for fanning the flames of this sugary-sweet color scheme.

I also channeled my Mothers’ Day energy. It’s almost here!! We moms could definitely use some Carefree vibes!

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It all started with this awesome motif. Once I made one, I couldn’t stop. And of course it’s a hexagon – because duh! #hexieobsessed

In keeping with the simplicity of the Relaxghan Series (designed with peace in mind), I designed this motif with very intuitive repeats. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did!

crochet blanket carefree blanket pattern

crochet blanket carefree blanket pattern

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Another shot of the motif! Looking forward to sharing the pattern 🙂

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