Rose Granny Square: Free Pattern

This pattern is an adaptation of my tutorial on the beautiful Babouska Rose blanket. It features the gorgeous 3D roses with leaves plus a granny square frame and 3-chain flat braid join.

Before you begin, have all of your roses with leaves ready. Go ahead, I’ll wait! 🙂

Start by attaching your background yarn in a chain space corner with your square oriented as in the photo below. Work (SC, Chain 4, 3DC) all in corner. 4DC in next chain space, DC in SC, 4DC in next chain space, (3DC, Chain 3, 3DC) in corner, 3DC in all 3 chain spaces across to corner, make corner. Continue in this manner around as illustrated in the following photos. You will end up with 15 DC per side (this includes corner DCs).





Join with a slip stitch to the first chain of the round (above the beginning SC). SC in corner space, Chain 4, 3DC, create your 3DC granny-style clusters in between every set of 3 DC on each side.

On the side with the irregular DC groups, work as in the photo below.




At the end of the round, join in the first chain as before. (SC, Chain 5, SC) all in corner space (corner made), Chain 3, SC between  3DC groups – across to corner.

Continue around in this manner, working (SC, Chain 5, SC) in all corners.



Use my flat braid join tutorial if you need it! If you’re familiar with the method, use a standard 3-chain flat braid join to create your piece.


You can see that the rose with the leaves takes on a directional quality. I alternated the position of the leaves as seen below, because I think it’s a nice thoughtful detail! 🙂

Stay tuned for the border!