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Cozy Flowers: Free Pattern

Hi, y'all! It's time for the release of my Cozy Flowers Blanket free pattern - yay! Typically I would make a PDF for the free pattern, and make it available in my Ravelry shop and my other shops, but since the majority of the instruction for this pattern is in the YouTube tutorial for the… Continue reading Cozy Flowers: Free Pattern

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Whip St Join for Hexagons

Hi there! For this YouTube Video tutorial, click here.  (Ravelry link coming soon) Note: This tutorial is part of Hexagon Month - September's Theme of the Month. Introduction If you absolutely cannot fathom the idea of sewing your motifs together, then this is the sewing join for you. I'm working on a huge blog post… Continue reading Whip St Join for Hexagons

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Cozy Flowers is the real WIP!

Working on my Cozy Flowers blanket today for an energizing moment. You can't help but feel the electricity in this palette, and moving from hot to sweet colors is making me feel like a painter! Oh and also it's making me feel like I'm channeling my inner Susan Felted Button and Kirsten Haak Maar Raak! ❤️❤️… Continue reading Cozy Flowers is the real WIP!