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Free Crochet Border: Cherry Blossom Edging

If you’re looking for that perfect little something to add around the border of your latest crochet creation, you’ve come to the right place. Cherry Blossom Edging is so cute and reminds me of those gold leaf trees that we had in the 80s. lol, but in a good way. 🙂

Cherry Blossom Edging Pattern


This edging was used on the Carefree crochet blanket pattern (free on Ravelry), which is part of a series of free patterns I am publishing as a Ravelry ebook. Check out Relaxghans!

free crochet border Cherry Blossom Edging

free crochet border Cherry Blossom Edging

Yarn info

Shop Catona Yarn shown in sample blanket (affiliates). Fingering weight yarn calls for 3.5mm hook in this pattern, but any yarn and appropriate hook will work.

US Terms

      • ch chain
      • beg beginning
      • beg dc (sc, ch 1) – counts as 1 dc
      • dc double crochet
      • lp(s) loop(s)
      • rep repeat
      • RS/WS right side/wrong side of work
      • sc single crochet
      • sk skip
      • sp space
      • ss slip stitch
      • st(s) stitch(es)


Rnd 1 Ss in top right corner of blanket, (3sc in corner, sc evenly across to next corner) 4 times, ss in first sc. (Foundation rnd complete – be sure to make same amount of sc on opposing sides of blanket.)

Rnd 2 * (Sc, ch3, sc) in corner, (ch3, sk 2, sc) evenly across, being sure to make same amount of ch-sps on opposing sides of blanket.

Rnd 3 * (Sc, ch 3, sc) in corner sp, (ch3, sc in next sp) across to next corner st, ch 3, rep from * 3 times, ss in first sc.

Rnd 4 Beg dc, * ch3, sc in top side bars of prev dc, (ch3, sc in prev sc) 2 times, sc in top side bars of prev dc once more to close “cherry blossom”, dc in same sp, dc in next sp, rep from * around blanket. Do not do anything special in corners. When beg is reached, omit final st, and ss in beg dc, cut yarn.

Yay! All done! Weave ends, block if needed, and give yourself a fist bump!

Easy-peasy, but so delicate and precious. Perfect for that added touch on a baby blanket or wedding, christening, even for baby clothes to add a bottom edge around the hem. You will be using this edging over and over.

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  1. So do you do all the “filler triangles” and then complete the edge all the way around? It looks really pretty and I’m thinking I might use it when I have my Dutch Roses all together. I’m still making hexies at the moment so it’s still a way off.

    • Yep! You can add this edge to any squares off blanket. – it would look fab on Dutch Rose ☺️❤️

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