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Free Crochet Pattern: Carefree Blanket

  Welcome to my latest free crochet pattern, y’all! Carefree is finally here, and if fire comes out of your fingertips, you can make a lapghan for your ma, just in time for Mothers’ Day. Give mom some Carefree vibes! Advertisements


Dutch Rose: The hygge is strong with this one

Major update: I’ve decided to turn this piece into a full on CAL – read more here! ••• I do my best work in the early morning. It’s when I’m thinking clearly, there’s peace and quiet, a cup of coffee, and me and my graph paper. A few days ago, I finished a huge project and I wanted to have some “play time.” Scheepjes | Stone Washed was calling me, but what would I make? A granny square starting to form in front of me, but I frogged it… nope. Not a granny square, but something just as comforting to me, if not more so. A hexagon.

Cozy Flowers – Crochet Blanket FO

Hello, y’all! I’m pleased to show off a finished object today despite the fact that I’ve had an extremely busy week. Sometimes you just know if you don’t finish a certain project, you’ll pull your hair out, am I right? So I stayed extra focused and plowed through! And now I present Cozy Flowers: Free Pattern Here! Color palette – Sweet-Fire – so named for the sugary pastels that give way to those burning oranges. Scheepjes | Catona and Sweet Treat held together throughout – I’ll list numbers on the free pattern when i release it! Shop Catona*, and Sweet Treat* Yarns – it looks awesome when you hold these Yarns together. If you zoom in on the pics you can see the neat texture it creates. Plus I used a size 5.5mm hook – so it works up fast. Here’s a shot of Cozy Flowers in progress – with the Continuous JAYG Granny St for Hexagons (YouTube Tutorial) and color palette just shining away (I know you can tell I️ introduced a bright yellow …

Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

When I was asked to make another Amazon Blanket in a new color palette, I agreed on the spot.  When I found out the colors would come to be an airy pastel array, anchored to the ground with a seriously cobalt blue, I started to get giddy.  And when I cut into the first granny square of fifty-five, my heart melted and I fell in love instantly. [Related: Amazon Blanket blog post] Just look at this Scheepjes | Softfun* and Softfun Denim* chic pastel palette…  How did this color spread come about? Well the recipient wanted a blanket for her daughter that would provoke happiness instantly just by looking at it. (Yes, this is a custom order! No I don’t do custom orders anymore! Slowly backing away now..) So after three palette proposals, and a few color swaps, we came up with the above spread. Actually when I look at it, it reminds me of a top secret project that I worked on with my good friend Carol Janik – The Hoosier Crocheter – Tester …

Cozy Flowers is the real WIP!

Working on my Cozy Flowers blanket today for an energizing moment. You can’t help but feel the electricity in this palette, and moving from hot to sweet colors is making me feel like a painter! Oh and also it’s making me feel like I’m channeling my inner Susan Felted Button and Kirsten Haak Maar Raak! ❤️❤️ For this piece, I am using Scheepjes | Sweet Treat and Catona held together – see all the colors I’m using in my previous post (spoiler alert: I did add another color to the flowers and take one away from the background). Yarn deets: To make things easier on me, I wound one big ball using the two yarns, this way I wouldn’t have two yarn balls rolling all around. The Catona runs out first! Here’s how much of the Sweet Treat is left over, once all the Catona is gone. Not much! Dreaming of an embroidery project now, by the way ❤️ Then I started cranking out flowers. This is pretty much the easiest project ever, especially because the …