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Cozy Flowers – Crochet Blanket FO

Hello, y'all! I'm pleased to show off a finished object today despite the fact that I've had an extremely busy week. Sometimes you just know if you don't finish a certain project, you'll pull your hair out, am I right? So I stayed extra focused and plowed through! And now I present Cozy Flowers: Free… Continue reading Cozy Flowers – Crochet Blanket FO

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Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

When I was asked to make another Amazon Blanket in a new color palette, I agreed on the spot.  When I found out the colors would come to be an airy pastel array, anchored to the ground with a seriously cobalt blue, I started to get giddy.  And when I cut into the first granny… Continue reading Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

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Cozy Flowers is the real WIP!

Working on my Cozy Flowers blanket today for an energizing moment. You can't help but feel the electricity in this palette, and moving from hot to sweet colors is making me feel like a painter! Oh and also it's making me feel like I'm channeling my inner Susan Felted Button and Kirsten Haak Maar Raak! ❤️❤️… Continue reading Cozy Flowers is the real WIP!

Inspiration, New Blog Posts

Simply Crochet: Coastal Garden Shawl

You guys!!! I have a super fun pattern published in the most recent (July 2017) issue of Simply Crochet Magazine. Scheepjes teamed up with the popular crochet magazine to create a Shawl Special, an insert with five beautiful shawl patterns by some of the talented Scheepjes bloggers. It is a total honor to be included with… Continue reading Simply Crochet: Coastal Garden Shawl

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Wildflower Blanket

NEW PATTERN! Available on ETSY || CRAFTSY || RAVELRY || LOVEKNITTING Wildflower is perfect for a quick blanket as it has a fabulous starburst flower plus so many stitches you’ll never get bored! Finished Blanket is 40x40in - yarn details are in the intro to the pattern Try this pretty edging in a built tough,… Continue reading Wildflower Blanket

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African Flower Half-Hexagon

*I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I've reproduced it here to further organize my free pattern library - Thank you!* African Flower Half-Hexagon Pattern Hi, Y'all! Let's talk hexie blankets. I love a good hex blanket, but I have so much trouble with the edges because in my mind a blanket must have a… Continue reading African Flower Half-Hexagon

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Flower Hexagon Mini-Tutorial

   Floral hexagon! Use this pattern as a cute little variation on your Geometric Lace pattern blankets. See a blanket I made with this motif over here on my Etsy.  The original GeoLace hex is pictured above on the right hand side, and you can see the left floral version has a little more spice to… Continue reading Flower Hexagon Mini-Tutorial