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Wildflower Blanket

NEW PATTERN! Available on ETSY || CRAFTSY || RAVELRY || LOVEKNITTING Wildflower is perfect for a quick blanket as it has a fabulous starburst flower plus so many stitches you’ll never get bored! Finished Blanket is 40x40in – yarn details are in the intro to the pattern Try this pretty edging in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn like: Scheepjes Colour Crafter Knitpicks Brava Sport Stylecraft Special DK   Pattern Notes: Charts Written instruction Some Photos (I have been working on shortening the length of my patterns, and trying to get better at explaining with words versus step by step photos.) Included is a “Variations” section with resizing options and alternate layout/palette options Pattern is 12 Pages If  I can help in any way, just contact me 🙂

Desert Bloom Blanket

Desert Bloom is now available on: Ravelry LoveKnitting Craftsy Etsy Great for an engaging project, sure to keep your interest! Worked in 4 panels PLT joined together, no sewing at all – just how I like it 🙂 All instruction for joining, border are included. Charts and written instruction as well as photos. Hope y’all enjoy it as much I liked writing it up! Here’s a peek at how the idea got started. My middle daughter has this fabulous dress and it just clicked – I had to make a sketch and start experimenting! And now it’s ready for you – Enjoy! Happy crafting 🙂

African Flower Half-Hexagon

*I wrote this pattern in 2013, but I’ve reproduced it here to further organize my free pattern library – Thank you!* African Flower Half-Hexagon Pattern Hi, Y’all! Let’s talk hexie blankets. I love a good hex blanket, but I have so much trouble with the edges because in my mind a blanket must have a straight edge. Of course your mileage may vary and you may love the fun-shaped border, but I just HAVE to fill in the gaps to square off. Someone asked me for advice on a hexie blanket border (Instagram user @theoriginaldumblonde) and I thought I’d do a quick tutorial for a half-hex. I’ve never done an African Flower (although I’ve seen it a zillion times and it’s gorgeous!) so I Googled it and saw the Ravelry pattern from Heidi’s Bears. I used this pattern to make my half-hex design. Then I went ahead and searched for “Half African Flower Motif” and I did find some hits. BUT My method is different. Here we go! Slip knot, chain 4, join with a …

Flower Hexagon Mini-Tutorial

    Floral hexagon! Use this pattern as a cute little variation on your Geometric Lace pattern blankets. See a blanket I made with this motif over here on my Etsy.   The original GeoLace hex is pictured above on the right hand side, and you can see the left floral version has a little more spice to it. The petal-like edges will straighten when you join your motifs, so don’t worry! Alright, let’s get started. (US Terms) Special Stitch – DC cluster as follows: **YO, insert hook in space, YO, draw up loop, YO, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook,  repeat from **, YO, draw yarn through 3 loops on hook. Chain 3 and join to make ring, or use magic ring if desired. Round 1: All in ring: SC, Chain 1, DC, Chain 2, (DC cluster, Chain 2) 5 times, join in first complete DC of round.    Round 2: In first chain 2 space: (SC, Chain 2, 2 DC), (2 DC, Chain 1, 2 DC) in next 5 chain spaces, DC in …

Rose Granny Square: Free Pattern

This pattern is an adaptation of my tutorial on the beautiful Babouska Rose blanket. It features the gorgeous 3D roses with leaves plus a granny square frame and 3-chain flat braid join. Before you begin, have all of your roses with leaves ready. Go ahead, I’ll wait! 🙂 Start by attaching your background yarn in a chain space corner with your square oriented as in the photo below. Work (SC, Chain 4, 3DC) all in corner. 4DC in next chain space, DC in SC, 4DC in next chain space, (3DC, Chain 3, 3DC) in corner, 3DC in all 3 chain spaces across to corner, make corner. Continue in this manner around as illustrated in the following photos. You will end up with 15 DC per side (this includes corner DCs). Join with a slip stitch to the first chain of the round (above the beginning SC). SC in corner space, Chain 4, 3DC, create your 3DC granny-style clusters in between every set of 3 DC on each side. On the side with the irregular DC groups, …