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Scheepjes YARN, Issue 5: WOMAN – Lotus Leaf Blanket

Looking for something new to crochet? Scheepjes Yarns has released their latest issue of YARN bookazine, and it is so lush. Find this issue here at > WoolWarehouse < for speedy delivery. The theme for this issue is “WOMAN” and as a beautiful celebration of the pride and love that goes into being a woman. An expression of pride is present in every photograph. Advertisements


Crochet Blanket Pattern: Threaded Colors Chevron

Hey, y’all! Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you some great news: I have decided to slowly update my older patterns in an effort to make them clearer to understand. Over time my pattern-writing skills have definitely improved! So, one by one, I’ll be making updates on my first designs. Next on my list is the Modern Patchwork Blanket! Threaded Colors Chevron is definitely an oldie, but I think still a goodie.