You Can Now Pre-Order My Book! The Art of Crochet Blankets

I wrote a crochet blanket pattern book, y’all! Squeeeeeeee!

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The Art of Crochet Blankets: 18 Projects Inspired by Modern Makers

Paperback, 144 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1632505736

Releases Nov 13, 2018

Book description for media:

Discover a new source of inspiration for your crochet hook…the beautiful work of today’s modern makers!

Follow popular crochet blanket designer Rachele Carmona through her unique collection of crochet blankets inspired by the work of popular independent artists. The Art of Crochet Blanketswill help you create your own colorful crochet blankets as unique works of art for your home! Inside this one-of-a-kind crochet blanket guide you’ll find:

  • Details on how to translate art to hook with 18 bold and unique crochet afghan patterns influenced by the works of their feature artist.
  • Modern quilts, fabric designs, tapestry weaving, digital art, and more become the source of one-of-a-kind projects for a more artful home.
  • Biographies and beautiful photos profiling 6 inspiring modern makers–Tula Pink, April Rhodes, Maryanne Moodie, Fransisco Valle, Maud Vantours, and Caitline Dowe-Sandes.

Discover the inspiration that lies beyond the world of crochet with The Art of Crochet Blankets.

About this Book

When Stephanie from Interweave approached me to write a book in 2016, I was completely gobsmacked. Two years later, and my eyes still glass over at the thought that I will have a crochet pattern book, out there in the wild. You lovely lot have made it even better with all of your support, excitement, and positive feedback for the book. Truly, I am filled to the brim with joy!

Coming up with a theme for my crochet pattern book was pretty easy. I had already started playing with the idea of the artistic process, and defining it in three phases, the last phase being Ascension, when the artist transcends their own craft and incorporates elements from outside arts to make something new. This fusion of two art forms to help evolve the primary craft was very interesting to me. How can we gaze upon the other beautiful arts in the world and transfer that energy to our own craft?

My goal is to push the limit and help evolve the art of crochet with these 18 full blanket projects. Choosing six arts from the world outside of crochet, I crafted six chapters, each with three projects inspired by a talented feature artist. I cannot thank these six artists enough for putting up with my pestering over several months. Honoring their work is my priority, as without their talents floating through the ether, this book would not be possible.

Six featured artists:

Pre-order now:

About the Author


Rachele Carmona, Cypress, TX – Rachele has over 100k crocheters hooked on making awesome crochet blankets through her beautiful Instagram feed @cypresstextiles. This is her first book.

I’m just a girl crocheting in Texas, with a hunky hubby, four bouncing kids, and three hyperactive fur-babies by my side. I grew up just outside of Houston, finished my BA in English, and then got married and started a career which I continued for over a decade. Then when my eldest started Kindergarten, I was able to drop everything and stay home with the kiddos. We live in a plain one-story with a plant-filled yard, complete with hammock. Living the quiet life and loving it!

From the City Sunrise pattern

Yarn List

Here are links to all of the yarns used in this book. In the future, I may reveal the exact quantity and colors for each project, but for now you can have a browse through the yarny goodness. Links marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliates. Purchasing anything after clicking these links will help support CypressTextiles so I can continue to bring you fiber funsies.







Virtual Book Launch Party (Facebook Event)

Join me on Facebook each day from Wednesday, Nov 7 to Tuesday Nov 13 (book release date!) from 5-7pm CST. I’ll be hosting fun games, Q&A sessions, book giveaways, and more! There will be something special planned for each day for that week leading up to my book launch. Can’t wait to see you there! Exciting!!

Facebook Book Launch Event link

My CypressTextiles Facebook Page

From the Color Garden pattern

Stitches & Skills

Coming soon, I will have a complete set of video tutorials for all of the stitches used in the book’s 18 patterns. I want you to know exactly what to expect!

For now you can see all of my video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

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THANK YOU! For coming along with me on this book release journey. I’ll be adding to this page periodically, so check back.

As always – happy crafting,

Rachele C.


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  1. Wat geweldig dat je nu een boek uitbrengt! Gefeliciteerd met dit succes. Welverdiend want je maakt een bedenkt prachtige dingen 😘

    • Yes it is very exciting! I could not do it without the support of the community. Thank you 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! You are too kind! I can’t wait for you to receive it ☺️❤️ Thank you so much ❤️

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