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Moon Landing Blanket: Free Pattern

I’m so pleased to bring you all the Moon Landing Blanket free pattern! Named for its resemblance to moon boots and for those outlandish bobbles, Moon Landing is a unique hexagon blanket that you can make using three different yarn types of a similar weight. Of course the same yarn can also be used throughout. This piece is perfect for any space from a newborn’s crib to a college dorm room. With clever color choice, anyone will enjoy this modern and striking blanket design. Find the Pattern PDF on RAVELRY! 🙂 Make it! Read more about the three yarns I used for this project and where to order them in the happy mail Yarn post. Huge thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic about this pattern and pushing me to finally finish it. All it took was carving about 10 hours out of my busy day to complete it and share with you lovely lot. Thank you and I hope you enjoy making it! Rachele C.


Moon Landing Blanket is finished!

Allow me to introduce my newest FO: the Moon Landing Blanket!  Features:  Bold, large hexagons with color rings worked through BLO for a beautifully neat layered look Bobbled corners that reach out to each other creating a diamond visual PLT join using HDC instead of SC which gives a wider band of color between motifs 3 Different yarn types (see below!) with varying textures and makeups, all the same  care instruction for easy wash My first blanket with hexagons placed in this “sideways” orientation! Half hexies are on the long sides of the piece – never done it that way before! Yarns used (all Scheepjes brand): Inner hexagon color – Stone Washed First color ring and join/border – Colour Crafter  Second color ring – Softfun Aquarel Full free pattern coming soon – Should be finished with it by next week! Hope y’all enjoy this one! It’s for my cuter than ever 3yo cousin – adopted from Ethiopia ❤️❤️ Can’t wait for her to snuggle in it! I made her brother a blanket for last Christmas (Zendoodle Blanket No. …


Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern 

I am so excited to finally offer my Hexagon Burst free pattern to you all! This hexie was made with the classic Sunburst square in mind (hey-hey Priscilla Hewitt – my crochet idol!) but I made 2DC clusters in place of the puff stitches, and I added an oversized outer petal round. Oh yeah, and I jammed a zillion petals on it.. 🙂 Find Pattern Pattern is available on Ravelry in PDF format. Also on Craftsy! Blanket info Scheepjes ColourCrafter Velvet* – DK weight – One ball each, colors: 860-Fonda, 855-Chaplin, 850-Crawford, 844-Hepburn, 841-Kelly, 851-Gardner, 852-Garland, 848-Rogers, 856-Grant, 858-Martin, 859-Burton, 854-Turner, 853-Leigh Size H hook for body and G hook for final Border round. Size: 50×64″ Here’s a general outline of how the blanket is constructed. First, make the pretty motifs! Once you make all the motifs, join them with your favorite method! I’ve been crushing hard on the Flat Zipper Join by Dedri Uys. Any join will work, so use your fave! If I’m honest, I used my freebie SC PLT join on the blanket …


This blanket is made for a rock star.

Peep this rockin’ blanket. I’m in love with it and so pleased to share the pattern with you all – look for “Hexagon Burst: Free Pattern” next week! (Needs to go through my updated pattern template checklist!) I’m still going around for portions of the border, but I’m still calling this an FO because I can finish the pattern at this point. Can you just imagine draping this blanket around your shoulders for an instant rock star energy boost? Make it in the original Scheepjes* Velvet* for maximum energy potential, or pick your own yarns and have a blast mixing up the color palette.  Here I started one in a little 17-color mix of Catona Denim* and Sunkissed*.  Isn’t it darling in this yarn? Complete change of personality! And so lacy in the thinner weight too. In this sample, I used the same color for the first three rounds instead of just two, because I wanted to have more variety of colors among the motifs.. Lowering the amount of colors per hexie to four helped, and …


Velvet Yarn WIP!

Hexagon Burst came to be when I decided to see how many petals I could jam onto a sunburst circle flower. Turns out you can safely cram 24 petals if you add an extra round in the center and make those sts taller with trebles (UK double-trebles).  Such an exaggeratedly large and bold hexagon motif deserves a unique yarn, and Scheepjes* Velvet* is just that! With a saturated palette, and a super-cool color effect, this yarn makes a pattern really stand out. Perfect for Hexagon Burst! To read my full review or buy this yarn, click – HERE.  By the way, I love that they named this yarn “Velvet” because it totally reminds me of those fuzzy velvet coloring posters. More motifs as the blanket grows.. The yellow and green colors stand out so much, I decided not to use them for the center 2-round circle, only for outer petal rounds. That way I don’t get a polka-dot effect. Can’t want to finish this up and write the freebie pattern – Hexagon Burst – to …