Relaxghans Ebook: Six free stash-buster crochet blanket patterns designed with peace in mind

In January, I decided to create a series of blanket patterns that were designed with an air of peacefulness and tranquility. Patterns that you can work on whenever you like, without stressing over any element. I’ve been saying lately: Crochet is meant to de-stress you, not re-stress you. The high strung and tightly wound among you will undoubtedly want to meticulously plan layouts, bypass stash to buy fresh new yarn, or frustratedly obsess over every pattern quirk.

This includes me. I am not a laid back person, and I’m as tightly wound as they come, but I’m trying to get better at relaxing. While constant tension does play a factor in CypressTextiles upward motion and in my own personal continuous improvement (pressure makes diamonds, or what-have-you), I’ve recently begun to appreciate letting the light in a bit more.

Maybe you also need to let some light in? Join me as I release a new free blanket pattern on the last day of every month from February to July. (Yes! The first pattern releases tomorrow, Feb 28!) Stash busters, remnant eaters, squares, hexagons, whip stitch, join as you go… it’s all in there.

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All patterns are made with Scheepjes Yarns

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And here is a small taste of the six projects! Yippee!


Made of five simply casual square motifs which are worked in random blocks of color, Unbothered is a join-as-you-go piece that’s edged with a plain Jane no-waste border. Heart eyes.

Yarn: Scheepjes Cahlista

Unbothered Free Pattern

Self Love

A pretty circle motif with an adorable flower center, which is magically turned into a hexagon?? And with a lacy join built in? I’m there! Also: PINK background.

Yarn: Scheepjes Merino Soft

Self Love Free Pattern


Sweet as candy, this design will keep you smiling as you work the large hexie motifs. They are easy as pie, and still manage to look intricate. Choose and mix bright colors without a care, channeling and indulging your inner bohemian spirit along the way.

Yarn: Scheepjes Catona and Catona Denim

Carefree Free Pattern

Good Vibes

Linen stitch is my all time favorite, and it’s perfect for dazing out and letting muscle memory take over. But this design doesn’t just stop at the unassuming linen st triangle shown below… there is much more in store to give good vibes! ❤️

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter and Colour Crafter Velvet

Good Vibes Free Pattern


Let it Go

A fresh new spin on the traditional granny square pattern, Let it Go is the perfect project for your Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed XL Cutie Pie Colour Pack. It uses every ball from the pack, and with the no-waste border, you can feel good about your pattern choice.

Yarn: Browse these packs!

Let it Go Free Pattern

Happy Little Tree

July 31

Yes! It’s the Stone Washed and River Washed regular and XL cutie pie Colour Packs! I cannot wait to reveal more about these designs (the motifs are cuuute!) but I’m going to do my best to wait. On the blog it’ll be easy! Social media… yeaaaahhhh I’ll be sharing a bit 🙂


Thanks for taking the Relaxghans tour with me! I’m looking forward to sharing these patterns with you! For now, Happy Crafting, y’all 😁

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Shopping through them will help support CypressTextiles and allow me to continue to bring you loads of content. Plus, it doesn’t cost you any extra! ❤️


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    • So needed… I think what the artist needs is what she produces, and if I need it, then others out there likely do too – enjoy it ☺️☺️

  1. I fell in love with your vibrant vintage afghan and just had to do it. I started with the granny squares first and then did a few multi colored granny squares. I was using Stylecraft DK yarn and had almost all the colors so I had so many choices. However, I fell in love with how vibrant a solid colored granny square was so I stuck to just granny squares and multis. I loved the pattern squares too but at the time I didn’t want the colored vibrancy interrupted by a pattern. As you said, it was just a relaxing choice. The colors dictated to me to stay simple. I have made two of these afghans and I love both of them. And I owe it all to you and the beauty of your pattern and the beauty of all the photos of your wonderful afghan. Thank you, thank you! I love your work!

    • I wanted to tell you I really appreciate your comment. You’re so right that a) the yarn “speaking to you” is a special connection that must be honored, and b) sometimes less really is more. It’s not in my nature as a “maximalist” haha, but clearing the clutter can let the yarn sing, and the peace flow. Anyway, that’s one aspect of this series that I’m going to enjoy 🙂 When I sought to create peaceful designs, “pretty” colors, and predictable palettes got pushed aside in favor of letting things unfold on their own. Hashtag “deep”, I know, but boy I’ve been craving the peaceful energy lately! ❤️❤️ Thanks again for your comment, and I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the vvcal. ☺️

  2. More temptation! I always love your colour palettes. They are so gorgeous and give me inspiration. I’m going away on a crafty ladies’ weekend this weekend and planning to do Dutch Roses all weekend! I might be ready for new blankets sooner rather than later!

    • Glad you like them ☺️❤️ that’s the one I’m working on now! 😁

    • Hi there! I have added release dates into the posts – the Unbothered Blanket has already been released, and Self Love will release March 31 ❤️ thank you! – Rachele C.