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Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern: Modern Patchwork

Hello, everyone! Welcome new blog subscribers – I have chosen a VVCAL Blog Giveaway winner at random, and am preparing the blog post to reveal tomorrow. Yesss!

For now, I wanted to share with you all that I have recently updated my best selling crochet pattern of all time. Modern Patchwork Blanket!

First, here is a photo of Modern Patchwork if you haven’t seen her before. She is a simple make with basic geometric shapes, and a super-fun granny stitch border. I chose soft colors for a baby blanket, nursery vibe.

Second, I have some links that may be of interest to you – including where you can find the pattern!

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Eep – I couldn’t resist a pic of the blanket all folded up – reverse single crochet makes for the best final edging!

Lastly, this blanket is so versatile that I want to share some of the ways you can change it up and make it your own!

Change it up – 4 ways to make it fun!

Side note: The photo above is viral on Pinterest, which has led to Modern Patchwork being my most sold crochet pattern ever. Thank you for sharing my posts and photos! It really helps support CypressTextiles and lets me grow and continue to produce content.

1) Granny Stitch Border Tip/Trick

Work every round of the granny square border at once.

I know this sounds crazy, but it’s almost like the difference between a regular join-as-you-go (where you cut yarn after joining each motif), and continuous join-as-you-go (where you join all motifs in a continuous path, only cutting yarn after all motifs are joined). So to me, working every round at once gives me the illusion that it’s moving faster.

How to do it:

Join new yarn in the corner to begin, then start your first side, and work one side completely to the next corner. Then join new yarn in the first corner again, and work one side. Repeat until all rows are started, and first side is complete. Then one by one, advance each row a complete side to the next corner. Repeat until all sides of the blanket are finished, and voila, you have a whole border worked, instead of having to go around and around, seeing slow growth after each round.

2) Add a PomPom Edging

Use a novelty yarn to add that little something extra. 

If you’re like me, you may have some of this novelty pompom yarn stowed away in the bottom of your yarn stash. You have seen blankets made with this yarn, but it seems like you just might never make one… Well ther is hope! You can use small amounts of this yarn at a time – depending on the size of your blanket – by adding a fun floofy edging.

For the little “floofs” in the edging on the blanket above, use a pompom yarn like Sirdar Sweetie (affiliate).

How to do it:

Add 2 rounds to your border as follows:

  1. hold your pompom yarn along the top edge of your blanket. Working over the actual yarn portion of your pompom yarn, make a single crochet round, putting 3 sc in each corner. So you will be encasing the novelty yarn in the sc stitches. Make sure to keep the pompoms at the front side of the work, so that they can be seen when the blanket lies face up.
  2. I like to add one more round to the blanket, using a hook 1 size smaller to make sure the border is not ruffling or floppy looking. Reverse single crochet will work great, or another round of single crochet will be okay too.

3) Incorporate a fun Kitty Square!

Add in any square with the same final stitch count.

Mix and match squares to create a more patchwork feel. I love the “Hello Kitty inspired” square – a freebie that you can find on the Internet. But I find you can even make small adjustments to any block you like so that the final stitch count is the same. Then, go wild!

How to do it:

If you google “hello kitty granny square” you will come up on an abundance of charts and written patterns. I have made this square many times and I even created a hexagon motif for the cat that will fit in with my Geometric Lace Pattern! Find that kitty hexagon here. (You will love that one!)

4) Change up the color palette!

Make it match your nursery style.

This may be the most fun way to make Modern Patchwork your own. Pick fresh new colors to make your blanket stand out. It’s so fun scrolling the projects people have made and seeing the colors chosen. I love it when you guys interpret my patterns in a new way! I think of a pattern like a recipe. You ought to make small changes to get it just the way you want it.

How to do it:

Take your wall art or bedding, and pull colors from it. Make the shades slightly darker or lighter to change up the feel so it’s not so matchy-matchy. If you don’t have something to pull colors from, you can certainly use a program like Design Seeds to help you choose a lovely palette.

I hope y’all enjoy making a Modern Patchwork Blanket! You may have seen it on Pinterest or on Craftsy, and now that I’ve updated it for clarity, it’s easier to create – even for a beginner.

Happy crafting, y’all!

Rachele C.


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