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Treble Scallop Edging: Free Pattern

Treble Scallop Edging!

This edge starts with a foundation round of (SC, Chain 2, Skip 1 stitch) repeated, with (SC, Chain 2, SC) in the corners. Check out the before pic below to see this in action.


Here is what your piece will look like before each scallop.

Try this pretty edging in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn like:


Step 1: Skip 1 Chain loop, Treble Crochet in the next Chain loop, Chain 2


Step 2: Single Crochet in the top side bars of the Treble Crochet that you’ve already done – (Picot made)


Step 3: Continue to make (Treble, Picot) until you have 5 Picots made. Treble Crochet once more to finish the Scallop


Step 4: Skip 1 Chain loop, SC in the next Chain loop to anchor the Scallop

That’s it! Easy-peasy 1 round scallop/picot lace edging 🙂


Now for the corners..

If you’re a mega planner, then you’ve made your foundation round to have the correct amount of Chain loops made to end up with perfect corners. *I* prefer to relax and just let the artistic muse guide me 😉

BUT that means I end up with extra Chain loops at the end of my row.. So, as shown in the pic below, I just did a little “floating picot” as follows:

SC to anchor Scallop, Chain 4, SC in third chain from hook, Chain 1, skip 1 Chain loop, SC in next Chain loop.

Work corner: Copy your instructions for the regular scallop, but instead of only working 5 picots, you’ll work 7.


When I got to the next corner, I had the correct amount of chains for a normal corner. So, I made the next corner as in the photo below. “But that’s not right!! But.. but.. SYMMETRYY?!”

I just make sure I have diagonal symmetry in this case, and it still makes for a beautiful edging. Diagonal corners will be identical, and all is well in the universe.


Bravo! Enjoy your pretty lace edging 🙂





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  3. ginny says

    I am trying to make your edging and my picots are not looking any where near as nice as yours-hoping you can take a look if I see anyone out here Ill figure out how to post a picture-thank you!!!!!

    • Hm maybe email a pic to babylovebrand @ gmail com? Perhaps try going down a hook size to tighten up if it’s loose? I’d love to help further by looking at a pic 🙂

      • ginny says

        thank you!!!!!! i sent the first picture and ill send acouple more when Verizon starts working lol

    • kathy raudabaugh says

      Mine didnt look the same either so i added a third chain and then single crochet through the first chaun. Turned out much better.

  4. Cheryl held says

    I love the edging you shared ! But I also love the afghan you put it on… Do you have a pattern for those granny squares??? They are awesome!

  5. Phil Gonoude says

    I’m learning to crochet please give me ideas

  6. Ada Hulbert says

    Where can I buy your Cottage Quilt Blanket pattern?

    • Hi, there! The Cottage Quilt and all of my other paid patterns can be found on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy. My username is BabyLoveBrand – thank you! – RC

      • Hello, I just love the blossom blanket that you have the free pattern for, but I would love to know the colours for the pink version not the apricot one.. I love the look of the old fashioned floral, perhaps it has mint green or duck egg blue ?? Thank you so very much for sharing.. Kind regards Vicki Turner, Queensland Australia ..

      • Hi there! This is terrible, but I just pulled from my odds and ends to make these floral blankets. They are actually really great for using up yarn scraps because you don’t need too much of any one color. I even mixed yarn brands, so there are probably 4-5 different brands of yarn used. I’m sorry I can be of much help! Thank you for the kind word, and happy crafting to you!
        Rachele C.

  7. Mickey Stowe says

    Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous edging. I’m always on the lookout for a new way to finish the baby blankets I crochet for my many grandnieces and nephews. You do lovely work and I appreciate your generosity!

  8. Isabel says

    That is a lovely finishing to a hexagon pattern. I have also done a hexagon throw with the African wild flower, but I do not really like the half motives at the two ends. Any suggestions how I can fill them, as it is quite deep inlets. Thanks!

  9. elsie says

    Do you have a baby blanket pattern Not to difficult!

  10. Vicky Waters says

    I love this beautiful edging. I am crocheting it around the bottom and sleeves of a top that I thrifted. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  11. Erica G. says

    Hello, love the colors and it’s a beautiful blanket. I was wondering if you have the pattern for finishing the blanket? The part you showed in the first picture where to start? Can’t seem to find a pattern to finish a hexagon blanket I’m working on. Thank you.

    • Hi there! This is the “Cottage Quilt” but omitting the striped corner – available on Etsy Craftsy and Ravelry 😊❤️
      Happy Crafting!
      Rachele C.

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    • Oh great! I’m so pleased that you’re able to use it and love it 🙂 Thanks for the kind word and happy crafting to you! – RC

      • Julie Chadwick says

        Hello! From Vermont! I’m hoping you’re still monitoring this thread! Do you have a video of the stitch? Because I don’t think I’m doing it right

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  20. Marganne lammar says

    The absolutely most beautiful edging I have ever seen!

    • You’re so sweet! I do love this one, and I use it frequently. 😊❤ Thank you for popping in to let me know you like it.
      Happy crafting,

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  22. I really like the way you’ve made the border fit the hexagons. I’m about to start a hexagon blanket for my daughter and I think this border would be perfect. Thanks.

    • Thank you! You could just start from the corner and work the edging, but it is a lot more pleasing to have them line up if the hexie size is suitable. It just gives it that subliminal zen doesn’t it? 😛 – RC

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  24. Christine says

    Do you have the very 1 st row of the scallop edging for free please? Or do you know where I can find a free pattern/ diagram for it. Thanks for the free scallop edging.

    • Hi there! Are you referring to the round that fills in the “zig zag” made by the hexagons? That is actually part of the hexagon blanket pattern “Cottage Quilt Blanket” – before I decide what edging I’m going to use, I always have to square off my hexie edges 🙂

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