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Cozy Flowers: Free Pattern

Hi, y’all! It’s time for the release of my Cozy Flowers Blanket free pattern – yay!

Typically I would make a PDF for the free pattern, and make it available in my Ravelry shop and my other shops, but since the majority of the instruction for this pattern is in the YouTube tutorial for the joining method, I thought it would be silly to make a PDF. So here is the full free pattern below.

See the related posts for more details of the blanket process:

Cozy Flowers

Difficulty: Perfect for a beginner who wants to learn some new techniques. 


Yarn: Scheepjes | Catona (10 50g balls – all different colors) and Sweet Treat (10  25g balls – all different colors)


Note: these are the colors I actually ended up using in the final piece. The blanket is worked from right to left, and the colors are used held together until the Catona runs out. There will be a little amount of Sweet Treat left over.

(Catona, Sweet Treat)


  • (399, 521)
  • (128, 398)
  • (414, 208)
  • (189, 386)
  • (516, 256)


  • (522, 280)
  • (414, 523)
  • (409, 252)
  • (246, 519)
  • (192, 115)

Note: These two yarns will be held together throughout the piece. In the photo above, the adjacent Catona and Sweet Treat are the ones to be paired up (note: in the final blanket I did swap the orange for more of a bright yellow). I chose my 10 Catona shades first, then I chose 10 Sweet Treat shades that were very similar to the Catona shades, but not identical. It doesn’t matter what color palette you want to work with, but to get the neat and cozy textured effect of this blanket, you want the shades to be similar, but not the same.

You can see the paired yarn effect clearly in this photo:

[Related link: Shop this yarn: Catona* // Sweet Treat*]

Hook: US hook size 5.5mm (I) for blanket body, and size 5mm (H) for the final border round – I use mine from the set I ordered on Amazon – my favorite crochet hooks ever.

Tapestry needle for weaving ends

General Info

Final Dimensions: 38x52in

Gauge: Full motif measures 3in across

Stitches and abbreviations (US terms)

  • beg beginning
  • beg cl beg dc (does not count as a st here), (yoh, insert hook in st/sp indicated, yoh, pull up loop, yoh, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook) 3 times, yoh, draw yarn through all 4 loops on hook
  • beg dc (sc, ch 1) – counts as 1 dc
  • beg tr (sc, ch 2) – counts as 1 tr
  • bet between
  • ch(s) chain(s)
  • ch-sp(s) chain space(s)
  • ch-1 sp(s) chain 1 space(s): number denotes number of chains in chain space
  • cl cluster: (yoh, insert hook in st/sp indicated, yoh, pull up loop, yoh, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook) 4 times, yoh, draw yarn through all 5 loops on hook
  • corner-sp corner space
  • dc double crochet
  • hdc half double crochet
  • incl including
  • lp(s) loop(s)
  • rep(s) repeat(s)
  • RS right side
  • sc single crochet
  • sc2tog single crochet 2 together: (insert hook in next st/sp, yoh, pull up loop) twice, yoh, draw through all loops
  • ss slip stitch(es)
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • tog together
  • tr treble crochet
  • WS wrong side
  • yoh yarn over hook


Make full and half motifs, join full motifs using continuous granny st join as you go for hexagons youtube video, add in half motifs, straighten zig-zag edges, add sc border with smaller hook. Et voila! Done! 🙂


Full Motif (Make 94) – I used 5 of my Catona and Sweet Treat pairs to make the full motifs – the upper set of 5 pairs in the yarn photo at the beginning of this post are the ones I used.

Rnd 1 Slip knot, ch 3, ss in third ch from hook to make ring. All in ring: Beg dc, 11 dc.

Rnd 2 Beg cl in first st, (ch 2, cl in next st) 11 times, ch 2, ss in beg cl, cut yarn.

Half Motif (Make 10) – Using same set of 5 yarn pairings

Row 1 (WS) Slip knot, ch 3, ss in third ch from hook to make ring. All in ring: Beg dc, 7 dc, turn.

Row 2 Beg tr in first st, ch 1, (cl, ch 2) 5 times, cl, ch 1, tr in final st, cut yarn.

Join Full Motifs

Using the other 5 yarn pairings, (I used the more pale shades for this part). The join is: Continuous Granny St Join-as-you-go for Hexagons – Follow the instructions in this YouTube video tutorial for joining – video is in 2 parts.

Note: This blanket is meant to be cozy, so when the yarn ran out, I just began a new yarn pair, no matter where that color change happened to take place in the blanket.

You can see in the photo below that the yarn join changes color randomly.

Join Half Motifs to Blanket Body

You will be joining 5 half motifs at each short end of the blanket. Holding half motif with RS facing, join background yarn with ss in first st. Depending on where your motif is located on the edge, you will have a (plain side, joining side, joining side), 3 joining sides, or a (joining side, joining side, plain side).

First plain side: Beg tr, ch 1, 2 dc in first ch-sp, 3 dc in next ch-sp, 2 dc, in next ch-sp to make first half of corner,

Joining side: work as for joining blanket body.

Final plain side, 2 dc in ch-sp to complete corner, 3 dc in next ch-sp, 2 dc in final ch-sp, ch 1, tr in final st.

Straighten Zig-Zag Sides

Holding blanket body with RS facing, join background yarn with ss in first st. (Sk 1 ch, sc in 2 sts, hdc in 2 sts, dc, tr in 2 sts, tr in next 2 sts on following motif, dc, hdc in 2 sts, sc in 2 sts) rep across side to end, ss in final st, cut yarn. Rep for opposite side.

This photo shows the edge repeat.

Border Round

I have made this border a plain sc round just to keep it simple and cozy, and also as a great base to add any border.

Switch to smaller hook. Ss in first ss of either zig-zag side. (3 sc in same ss, sc in all sts across to next corner, 3 sc in corner ss, sc evenly across short side, placing 3 sc in the side of each tr st, 2 sc in the side of each dc, and 1 sc in the center ring of each half motif) rep 1 time, ss in first st, cut yarn. Fin!

Finished blanket – hurrah!

Edging shown more clearly:


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  1. Can you tell me please how much it would cost to undertake the above project please using the gorgeous colours you have used pkease. Also are the yarns available in the UK.
    I am.not very good at putting colours together.
    Thanks louise

    • Hi there! At the WoolWarehouse links in my post, the Sweet Treat is 1.19gbp and the Catona is 1.79gbp for a total of about 30gbp. Any shades that are similar in tone like the photo will look beautiful. For example, if you like blues and greens, scroll to that section and select 10 colors in a row, or if you prefer purples and blues, that will look beautiful as well. In my blanket I️ used pastels – click “yarn” link to see more. I️ chose from my stash at random, but what I recommend, is staying in the same color range if you’re worried about the yarn color choice. Mixing a bunch of colors from the same basic hue like “blues and greens” is a very safe bet and always beautiful!
      Happy crafting to you and hope all goes well! Share WIP pics with me if you remember 🙂
      Rachele C.

  2. Every time I see one of your projects (patterns) I am totally amazed. I don’t know how you come up with all of these designs but, they are absolutely gorgeous! Wish I had your talent. I am also happy that you share your designs. They are breathtaking.

  3. Please is this written in UK terms or US. I think UK but am not sure. the pattern is simply gorgeous!

    • You’re so nice to say so! I honestly have a lot of the Sweet Treat thinner cotton thread on hand and I find it difficult to use, especially since I’m a blanket-obsessed individual lol – so pairing it off was a necessity! The cool texture was a nice bonus 🙂
      – RC

  4. Hi Rachele!
    I absolutely love your Cozy Flowers pattern. I fell in love with it when I first saw it on YouTube, and I’ve been waiting patiently for you to post the pattern. I was so excited to see it. Can you please email me with the colors you used? The color combinations you used are such perfection and I can’t wait to start working on it!
    Thanks so much,
    Nanette Storer

    • Another commenter has asked as well as some request for them on social media/email! I’m glad you like the pattern and I’ll see if I can get the colors together and edit the post to add them for you guys. Thank you!
      Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.

  5. Happy New Year Rachele!

    Thank you for posting the numbers of the colors you used in this beautiful creation. Now, can I complete this in 2018? LOL We shall see! Let me know when your book is released and your shop is opened up. God’s continued blessings your way.

    Regina M.

    • Haha!! Let me know next New Year if you got it done 🙂 I appreciate the kind word and I hope you had a relaxing holiday season – hopefully with a little hooky thrown in 🙂 ❤️

  6. Thankyou so much for listing the colours you used this has been on my to make list since I saw it but I was determined to finish a couple of other projects first – quick question I see that colour 414 is mentioned twice is this correct? I am also presuming the first colour is Catina then the sweet treat follows after the comma – the colours look so different on the computer screen compared to your absolutely to die for combination – I would love to give this a try in blues but feel your combo should be done first – thank you

    • Yes! The same color between both yarn lines is actually represented by the same number in this case!❤️❤️ whichever combo you choose, I’d love to see pics! 😁 – happy crafting, RC