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Cozy Flowers – Crochet Blanket FO

Hello, y’all! I’m pleased to show off a finished object today despite the fact that I’ve had an extremely busy week. Sometimes you just know if you don’t finish a certain project, you’ll pull your hair out, am I right? So I stayed extra focused and plowed through!

And now I present Cozy Flowers: Free Pattern Here!

Color palette – Sweet-Fire – so named for the sugary pastels that give way to those burning oranges.

Scheepjes | Catona and Sweet Treat held together throughout – I’ll list numbers on the free pattern when i release it!

Shop Catona*, and Sweet Treat* Yarns – it looks awesome when you hold these Yarns together. If you zoom in on the pics you can see the neat texture it creates. Plus I used a size 5.5mm hook – so it works up fast.

Here’s a shot of Cozy Flowers in progress – with the Continuous JAYG Granny St for Hexagons (YouTube Tutorial) and color palette just shining away (I know you can tell I️ introduced a bright yellow to the palette!)

Some unapologetic FO shots for you!

Can’t wait to wrap up this pattern and release it! Churn out the tiny 2-round flowers and then join them all continuously before creating the super simple border…. It comes together so quickly!

For now, just imagine the infinite color palette possibilities for this pattern… Swoon!!

I definitely felt like I channeled Susan of Felted Button and Kirsten of Haak Maar Raak! for this piece… these saturated colors are very energizing to work with and I can see why Susan and Kirsten always have these hues on their hooks ❤️

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  1. Can you please give me the names of the Scheepes Catona and Sweet Treat yarns and the quantity. I know you stated above you will list the numbers of each when the pattern is released but also you stated you’re not doing a PDF of the pattern. Thank you, so much for this beautiful work of art!

    • The pattern is released! Woohoo! Hehe — And It’s just 1 of each color – 10 balls Catona and 10 balls Sweet Treat – all 20 different colors. I’ll carve out some time in the next couple of days to see what specific colors I used ❤️❤️
      Rachele C.