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Flat Braid Join with only a ch-1 (“Tiny Cable Join”)

Hi, y’all! As you may already know, I made a Vibrant Vintage Blanket recently in shades of green with a cream color background and Border. It took me several tries to figure out what join to use, but I settled on a little experiment I did with a riff on flat braid join.

YouTube Video Tutorial:

(Shaky hand at the beginning – I apologize!!)

So the normal flat Braid join has 3- or 5-ch spaces or something like that, but the one I used has only 1 chain for the spaces. So on sides that are joined, the only chain is the joining chain.

You can see this dainty little textured join is just a little something extra to set off the squares without taking anything away. There’s the tiny cable effect which is just perfect. It also absorbs any slight variance in the square size, where a rigid, plain join might pucker or pull.

Anyway, I’m happy with this little join, and fellow FaceBook Crafter, Liz Cooper has shared her lovely work using the 1-ch FBJ in my new FB group the “Tree Huggers” – where you can go and show off your CypressTextiles makes. ❤️❤️

Check out Liz’s WIP! Two thumbs up! 🔥🔥

Hope y’all enjoy this join! 🙂

Happy crafting!

Rachele C.


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  1. This little join might be the one I’m looking for, for my current blanket! It’s soo cute!

    What is the square Liz Cooper is using? It too is so pretty!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve learnt so much from your blog. My mom taught me to crochet when I was about 10 and didn’t pick up a hook until the beginning of the year, (about 40 plus years) and I’m totally hooked. I wait expectantly to receive your emails to discover new things. Your work is beautiful and you’re such an inspiration to me.

  3. Thank you for this explanation. I will definitely try this join method–love the final look. But, oh, those colors! You made this blanket JUST for me, I’m sure. 🙂 This blanket is so stunning and the border just adds to its elegance. I plan to copy you shamelessly.

    • Lol!! I’m glad you like it! Copy away, my dear, and I’ll consider it a win as it’s the “sincerest form of flattery” 😆😆😆 ❤️Thank you for reading and commenting, friend, and happy crafting to you! – RC