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Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

When I was asked to make another Amazon Blanket in a new color palette, I agreed on the spot. 

When I found out the colors would come to be an airy pastel array, anchored to the ground with a seriously cobalt blue, I started to get giddy. 

And when I cut into the first granny square of fifty-five, my heart melted and I fell in love instantly.

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Just look at this Scheepjes | Softfun* and Softfun Denim* chic pastel palette… 

How did this color spread come about? Well the recipient wanted a blanket for her daughter that would provoke happiness instantly just by looking at it. (Yes, this is a custom order! No I don’t do custom orders anymore! Slowly backing away now..) So after three palette proposals, and a few color swaps, we came up with the above spread.

Actually when I look at it, it reminds me of a top secret project that I worked on with my good friend Carol Janik – The Hoosier CrocheterTester Tribe member. This is the photo she snapped of the yarn I sent her for our test project. Doesn’t it look similar? (Hi, Carol! 😁❤️)

[Pictured yarn: Merino Soft Brush and Colour Crafter]

To get the granny square assembly line started, I made the first round, one in every color. (Then I complete them all, one by one, starting another round one with the ball so it’s ready to go. Am I the only one who does this? Lol) Then the little polka dots were so preciously cute, I couldn’t help but take some more photos.

The mini bouquet:

The pastel paisley:

And the shabby chic windmill:

Can’t wait to show y’all more of this one! For a refresher of what the Amazon Blanket looks like, check out the original, published in Scheepjes YARN 03, the tropical issue. (Ravelry

Also, recently I stumbled upon an Amazon Blanket made by Ravelry user Shassa. It is incredible! Photo by Shassa:

So totally looking forward to this piece with more muted tones. It’s going to be amazing; I can feel it! Be back soon to show more. 

In the meantime, happy crafting!

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