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KnitPicks Chroma Yarn

Because of the long color changes and gorgeous combinations, KnitPicks Chroma has always held a place in my heart. I also love the texture of this yarn and how it has a “freshly spun” quality.  Browse my Vibrant Vintage blankets on (my portfolio site) – No. 3 and 5 are the gorgeous hexie blankets seen in this post. Just look at this color range, which not only includes a myriad of palettes, but also features a few neutrals for mixing in or making motifs with a solid background. Chroma comes in two weights, fingering and worsted. I prefer the fingering weight for delicate, impressive pieces, but I’ve seen gorgeous blankets made with the worsted. Fingering weight details:  Buy here: Chroma Fingering Weight Fiber Content: 70% Superwash Wool, 30% Nylon Weight: Fingering Knitting Gauge: 7 – 8 sts = 1″ on #1 – 3 needles (2.25mm-3.25mm) Crochet Gauge: 21 – 32 sc = 4” on B – E hooks (2.25mm-3.5mm) Yards: 396 Grams: 100 Put Up: ball Care: Machine Wash/Dry Flat Worsted weight details: Buy …

Mark Lawrence

ImageKind Art Gallery Great BIG Canvas Gallery (Beautiful abstract digital art based almost exclusively on Bible verses) Create a crochet piece based on the above artwork using two different 2.5″ squares, one circle in square and one plain solid square.     Gorgeous inspiration for circle-to-square motifs. I really love the one below – what a graphically pleasing layout! Not to mention what could be done with granny squares or variegated yarns: Color palette inspiration is endless! Check out Mark Lawrence online to see his wide variety of artwork, sure to have you pulling yarn palettes and getting your hook ready.  

Instagram user @VanillaLemonCake

Instagram <- visit Jessica’s instagram!! For MAJOR Flat-lay, flowers, natural COLOR inspiration. Feast your eyes… Jessica has a way of finding beauty in nature and perfectly photographing it to share with the rest of us. Browse through beautifully curated hashtags like one of my favorites, her series called #VLCflowersonnapkins And another hashtag that she contributes lovely flat lays to: #natureflatlays – just look at these feathers 😍😍 Plus, she’s been doing this thing lately with pink and yellow that’s REALLY got me inspired… I’ve got sketches of blankets on those sugar-sweet photos already, believe me. Jessica’s IG feed will have you scrolling for hours. Come for the flowers, stay for Sir Teddy the hamster. Lol! I just love that li’l guy 🙂 All of the lovely photos in this Nature inspiration post were selected from Jessica’s IG feed.

Planning the VVCAL

Blanket design: Please see the VVCAL Main Page, here for tons of great info including yarn options, weekly CAL schedule, and more!! Color palette for squares: Palette nabbed from Little Tin Bird – with just a couple adjustments due to my yarn diet lol – so I used what I had onhand… All Stylecraft Special DK except for one ball of New Fashion DK in Aspen (the ball without the band). Border colors sorted: For now! We’ll see if I change them later. Planning commenced – with Boo Bear helping of course:   This was my first time cutting yarn pieces and taping them to log the color choices. What a fun activity! Boo Bear is the official ball band remover… He chews them right off! Haha Closeup of my planner for those interested: I use a hard-bound graph paper moleskine, and I draw in the days of the week. I find that for my needs (kids’ after-school activities and homework, meal planning, BabyLove Brand shop needs and to-dos, project planning, etc etc), the less …

Geometric Lace: Monochrome

My first monochrome piece! These blues and aquas paired with the white lace look like a lovely seascape. I have since used this color palette three more times and loved it more each time! Making a monochrome piece starts with gathering every shade in your yarn stash plus white, grey, or some other neutral for the edging. Once you have your dark to light range, you can get started. I like to begin with my color extremes – in opposing corners, I put the darkest and lightest shades – ending with white. Then I start layering in my other shades from there. My joining method (expressed in detail in my Geometric Lace pattern!) allows you to jump around the blanket, adding in shades as you see fit to best shade the piece. Dramatic and classic Black to White fade – Absolutely an indulgence creating this one. Whichever color you choose, these monochrome beauties are so opulent and always a hit! I suggest it for a calming home décor piece. It’s a great stash buster, too!