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Scheepjes Linen Soft Yarn

Tired of the same-old, same-old? Yeah, me too! No more smooth acrylic yarn! We want to feel the hearty texture of the yarn between our fingers as we crochet! Long live linen! 

Okay, well, maybe not. Certainly there’s a place for the powerhouse soft acrylics out there. For the Colour Crafters in life that we need for everyday pieces. Yeah we need those. 

But! Variety is the spice of life, and the spicy yarn I want to show off today is Scheepjes | Linen Soft*. It really does have an amazing texture to it. Perfect for a throw pillow or a couch blanket. 

Check out this expertly crafted fiber content. It’s like the Negroni of yarn – an indulgent 3-ingredient cocktail (equal parts gin, Campari, sweet vermouth – errr.. linen, cotton, acrylic). 

My personal favorite color of Linen Soft! Hummingbird ❤️ – although that mustard pictured in the first photo is wonderful. I love how all of the colors in this range would work well together.

And here is a snapshot of the full palette with just enough colors to get you going on a beautiful project. Note: these yarn info images are from Linen Soft Page. 

My welcome package as a fresh, new Scheepjes Blogger included these seven balls of Linen Soft yarn among many others that I promptly began to drool over. I used them to work up this sample, took photos, and put everything away. Read more about my beginnings as a Scheepjes Blogger  here

Fast forward about a year after the above photo was taken, and this sample became the Amazon Blanket pattern published in Scheepjes YARN 03, the tropical issue. I am still in love with this rich color palette and trust me when I say it’s not out of my system yet. These bright, tropical colors have my heart ❤️

Amazon Blanket – full layout:

To see more Scheepjes Yarn Reviews, click here. Enjoy! 

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  1. The colour selection of this yarn is lovely. I’m relatively new to crochet and I’ve tended to avoid acrylic but I see many craftspeople online who only use acrylic yarns. I just remember my mother always saying to never buy acrylic jumpers because they pill so easily and quickly become shabby. How does modern acrylic yarn stand up to handling and washing? I don’t want to do hours of work and find it doesn’t last well.