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Sunshine Blanket – Tada!

Ta-daaaaa! This post has to be short and sweet as I am off to do a science project with my middle daughter, but i just had to show you all my latest FO. It. Has. Pompoms. On this overcast winter day, I present to you the happiest, most Springy-est, pastel-icious Blanket you could imagine. And it’s pint-sized! 26x34in to be exact. During the progress pic posts on social media, I got a lot of positive feedback on this color combination and on the design of the blanket itself, which is so great and unexpected! I think the draw was the perfect little center circle, or at least that’s what I love about the motif. So playful! Related links: Pastel Palette yarny post Shop this yarn* WIP post Free pattern Scheepjes website My blogger page! Warning: Gratuitous yarn photo ahead!! * This post contains affiliate links, and Shopping through them costs nothing additional and supports my content. Affiliate links are better than guacamole! They don’t cost extra! Advertisements


Some Seriously Sunshiny Days

Hi, y’all! So this has been a WIP for about 2 months now and I’m finally able to show you a decent amount of work… I’ve been addicted to Spring colors lately so don’t mind this off-season palette.. [Related – Shop this yarn! LoveCrochet: US*, WoolWarehouse: UK*] I’m using Scheepjes | Cotton 8 yarn for this project. Read more about how I chose this color palette on the yarny blog post. Cotton 8 is a fingering weight yarn, which I thought I would not enjoy, but it turns out I’ve really grown fond of these tiny motifs, so I think I’ll be making more small gauge patterns. For this yarn I used a size 3.25mm (D) hook. Coming from a long history of worsted weight with a size 6.5mm (K) hook, that’s saying a lot! (Side note: Don’t you feel like when you switch back and forth between large and small hooks, the large hook feels a bit like crocheting with a log?? Maybe just me lol) Alert – we have pompoms in the house… …

Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

When I was asked to make another Amazon Blanket in a new color palette, I agreed on the spot.  When I found out the colors would come to be an airy pastel array, anchored to the ground with a seriously cobalt blue, I started to get giddy.  And when I cut into the first granny square of fifty-five, my heart melted and I fell in love instantly. [Related: Amazon Blanket blog post] Just look at this Scheepjes | Softfun* and Softfun Denim* chic pastel palette…  How did this color spread come about? Well the recipient wanted a blanket for her daughter that would provoke happiness instantly just by looking at it. (Yes, this is a custom order! No I don’t do custom orders anymore! Slowly backing away now..) So after three palette proposals, and a few color swaps, we came up with the above spread. Actually when I look at it, it reminds me of a top secret project that I worked on with my good friend Carol Janik – The Hoosier Crocheter – Tester …

Gemma Blanket Pattern

My fast and furious week-long Gemma journey has its own blog post! But now it’s done, and I’m truly proud of the result. It was an utter joy to work with the new and favorite colors of Scheepjes – Stone Washed XL, and the original Stone Washed. See my review of these yarns and where to find them near you!  Yarns you’ll need for this 30x40in blanket: Stone Washed XL – 1 ball each: 842 (Smokey Quartz)  858 (Lilac Quartz) 876 (Tourmaline) 851 (Deep Amethyst) 853 (Amazonite) 849 (Yellow Jasper) 861 (Pink Quartzite) 850 (Garnet) 841 (Moon Stone) x 2 balls Stone Washed  801 (Moon Stone) x 2 balls What you’ll find in the Gemma Crochet Blanket Pattern:  Easy-to-follow, 9-page instructions Continuous flat braid join Experienve working with bulky and DK yarn in the same piece Fun “Little Charms” border  Coloring pages with additional layout options Stone Washed color palette inspiration All colors of Stone Washed are named after gemstones and minerals. Meant to be!! Check out the cute edging close up. Where to find Gemma: Gemma is …