Scheepjes YARN 04 – Dutch Masters

Looking for something new to crochet? Scheepjes Yarns has released their latest issue of YARN bookazine, and it is so lush.

Find this issue here at > WoolWarehouse < for speedy delivery. Dutch Masters is this issue’s theme, so the strong, deep colors - beautiful reds, purple, blue - are cozy, warm, and inviting. In fact, my coze factor has just dramatically increased.. I think I need a cup of coffee and a blanket; give me a sec..
Okay I’m back.

So my contribution to YARN 04 is on the cover in the upper right corner. It’s a blanket named “New Horizons.”

I did loads of research on the works of Piet Mondrian for my piece, and did you know he did so much more than the mod red blue and yellow squares that he’s known for?

Yep, when I think of Piet Mondrian, I picture the primary color squares and rectangles shown in the image above, and I’ll bet you do too.

But did you know Mondrian’s earlier works include broody landscapes with muddy, emotional color? As I took in all of his works, I had to put the pieces together chronologically, because it is simply fascinating to see how his art morphed over time. I like to think of Mondrian as the Madonna of the Dutch Masters…

I absolutely fell in love with the scene depicted in the piece below, entitled “Woods Near Oele” and the instant I saw it, a blanket design began taking shape. This is my inspiration piece.

Woods Near Oele, 1908 – Piet Mondrian

But look how his work changes so much in just a couple of years.

The Red Tree, 1910 – Piet Mondrian

And then becoming more like the geometric works for which he is famous.

Grey Tree, 1912 – Piet Mondrian

Working with squares now.

Composition with Color Planes 5, 1917 – Piet Mondrian

Boom! The primary geometrics are in full swing!

Composition A, 1921 – Piet Mondrian

What an interesting journey and metamorphosis of the creative mind. Please visit to see these and more masterpieces.

My mind filled in a diamond sky and treeline, a beautiful horizon, and that stunning pool of water below.

One of my favorite things about YARN is the way Scheepjes styles the photos, and they did a wonderful job polishing up my blanket to look lovely.

As a big surprise to you all, the lovely and talented Gwen Kok of instagram @StitchGwen has tested the pattern and made up a sample in an alternate colorway. I based this colorway on a re-coloring of the Woods Near Oele piece.

Here is Gwen’s gorgeous blanket:

And my youngest daughter wanted to re-enact the Scheepjes modeled photo – she is standing on the couch 🙂

Both Gwen’s and my blanket will be for sale in my Etsy Shop on Saturday, Nov 4. Take a look and get cozy under a handmade work of art inspired by a true Dutch Master.

Also included in this issue are works by some talented Scheepjes Bloggers.

I’m loving this awesome Artist’s bicycle dress by Esther of It’s all in a Nutshell.

And isn’t this poncho just breath-taking? It’s the Winter Light Poncho by Tatsiana of Lilla Björn Crochet.

This creative piece is the Almond Blossom Scarf by Nerissa of MissNeriss. I love the embroidery and it looks like a fun project.

You may know I had a project in the third issue of YARN as well! Remember the Amazon Blanket from YARN 03 – the tropical issue? I’ve enjoyed designing for this bookazine and I may even have something in the works for the next issue – we’ll have to wait and see!

Hope y’all enjoyed browsing these pieces. Now go take a look at the rest of the Scheepjes publications. ❤️

And happy crafting!

– Rachele C.

PS – Have y’all heard of KreaDoe? It looks like the biggest creative fair in the Netherlands – and it’s going on right now. Scheepjes is there with an incredible stand and they’ve got some awesome pics on their social media right now! FacebookInstagram

Here’s my favorite pic! Peep those larger-than-life posters!! And a certain giant blanket ❤️❤️❤️

That’s all I have for today! Now off to crochet with a cuppa ❤️

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