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Yarn Remnants Box, or Painter’s Palette? The beginnings of May’s Relaxghan.

Y’all are loving my free Relaxghan’s series, and I could not be more grateful. My goal was to bring you one new free and easy crochet blanket pattern each month, for six months, that you could use to stash bust through your yarn remnants. There have been three Relaxghans released so far, but the most popular was the April blanket, Carefree. That one was a hit, and I am so giddy to show the May blanket, Good Vibes, to you all. For now, I think I’ll keep its design a secret. 🙂 Scroll to the end of this post for a complete index of related links. Advertisements


Relaxghans Ebook: Six free stash-buster crochet blanket patterns designed with peace in mind

In January, I decided to create a series of blanket patterns that were designed with an air of peacefulness and tranquility. Patterns that you can work on whenever you like, without stressing over any element. I’ve been saying lately: Crochet is meant to de-stress you, not re-stress you. The high strung and tightly wound among you will undoubtedly want to meticulously plan layouts, bypass stash to buy fresh new yarn, or frustratedly obsess over every pattern quirk. This includes me. I am not a laid back person, and I’m as tightly wound as they come, but I’m trying to get better at relaxing. While constant tension does play a factor in CypressTextiles upward motion and in my own personal continuous improvement (pressure makes diamonds, or what-have-you), I’ve recently begun to appreciate letting the light in a bit more. Maybe you also need to let some light in? Join me as I release a new free blanket pattern on the last day of every month from February to July. (Yes! The first pattern releases tomorrow, Feb …

Crochet Pattern: Hundred Chain Scarf – Our Tribe Yarn

Well, guys, what can I say? I’m a part of the neatest thing since sliced bread – grabbing the baton from Miss Neriss on this Scheepjes Blogger blog hop – (Thank you, Nerissa!!), and it’s now my turn to introduce Our Tribe yarn. [Related Link: Browse this yarn*!] Look at that pile of loveliness and tell me you don’t want to just reach out and squeeze a skein. A few months ago, Scheepjes reached out to me and asked me for six colors that I thought faded well with one another. I was quite puzzled but I replied with a set of colors which have always been in my heart and often make an appearance in my projects (Trellis and Chevron, Desert Bloom, Moon Landing, and many more). These salient shades included a nice turquoise, a mint green, and an olive green, among others. The navy blue, coral, and deeper teal colors I chose are all hinted at in my yarn skein, but the real superstar is the mint and olive combo. I was actually …

Amazon Blanket gets a chic pastel palette

When I was asked to make another Amazon Blanket in a new color palette, I agreed on the spot.  When I found out the colors would come to be an airy pastel array, anchored to the ground with a seriously cobalt blue, I started to get giddy.  And when I cut into the first granny square of fifty-five, my heart melted and I fell in love instantly. [Related: Amazon Blanket blog post] Just look at this Scheepjes | Softfun* and Softfun Denim* chic pastel palette…  How did this color spread come about? Well the recipient wanted a blanket for her daughter that would provoke happiness instantly just by looking at it. (Yes, this is a custom order! No I don’t do custom orders anymore! Slowly backing away now..) So after three palette proposals, and a few color swaps, we came up with the above spread. Actually when I look at it, it reminds me of a top secret project that I worked on with my good friend Carol Janik – The Hoosier Crocheter – Tester …