VVCAL – Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the Vibrant Vintage CAL!

Note: Are you enjoying this CAL? The VVCAL is a FOREVER FREE collection of 33 afghan block patterns including PDF versions, charts, and photo steps, plus mix-and-match joining methods and edging options, as well as endless support via myself, or social media groups. I thought this could be a great opportunity if anyone feels like they can donate to a worthy cause. Someone very close to me is going through stage 4 cancer, while somehow managing to keep up with two toddlers (one newly adopted, and one surprise natural success!). Any amount will help, and each week I will donate 100% of the funds to their GoFundMe page for medical bills. Click here to donate; I genuinely appreciate it!

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Each week, I’ll be posting a new “Fancy” granny square pattern. All you need to do this week is make 2 li’l squares!
2 Squares and the color in which I worked them:

Rebecca Square

Note: Many folks who have joined in and made the Rebecca Square have mentioned that it is smaller than their Plain granny.

  • Try to keep an even and relaxed tension like normal. In my experience when working an unfamiliar pattern, my tension tends to be tighter.
  • Make sure your Tall Puff is loose you need to really loosen those loops to make them long. Your puff is only as long as the longest loop. So if you have one tighter loop in there, the puff will be short.
  • If you still have a smaller square, consider waiting until you have more squares to make changes, or if you decided to adjust the square, just be sure to keep the 88 stitches on the final round.

For more info about the size of your squares, please see the Main Post.

Charted instruction:

Week 1 Rebecca Square with Key

Written instruction:

Special stitches

  • Beg DC = (SC, Ch-1)
  • Beg Tall Puff = Pull up long loop (about 1in), **YO, insert hook in space indicated, YO, draw up a loop as long as initial loop, repeat from ** once more, YO, draw yarn through all 5 loops, chain 1 to finish Beg Tall Puff
  • Tall Puff = **YO, insert hook in space indicated, YO, draw up a long loop (about 1in), repeat from ** twice more, keeping all loops the same height as initial loop, YO, draw yarn through all 7 loops, chain 1 to finish Tall Puff


Foundation: Ch-3 and join in first Ch to make ring. You may also make a magic circle if you prefer that method. Also feel free to chain more stitches if you are used to chaining 4 or 5. I like to chain 3 for my ring, because I like the center hole to disappear when I weave ends.

Work 6 Rounds as follows…

Round 1: All in ring, working over center tail so as to pull center circle closed tight when square is complete: Make Beg Tall Puff, **Ch-2, make Tall Puff, repeat from ** 6 times more, Ch-1, HDC in top of Beg Tall Puff to complete round _8 Tall Puff, 8 chain loop total_    

Round 2: SC in same spot – over HDC, Ch-6, **SC in next chain space, Ch-6, repeat from ** 6 times more, join with a slip stitch to first SC.  _8 6-Chain Loops, 8 SC total_

Round 3: Slip stitch in first chain of first 6-chain loop, make Beg Tall Puff, make 4 Tall Puffs, SC in next 6-chain loop, **Ch-1, make 5 Tall Puffs in next 6-chain loop, SC in next 6-chain loop, repeat from ** 2 times more, Ch-1, join with slip stitch in top of Beg Tall Puff.  _20 Tall Puff, 4 SC, 4 Ch-1 total_

Round 4: Beg DC in chain space, Ch-1, **(HDCin next chain space, Ch-1) 2 times, DC in next chain space, Ch-1, (3TR, Ch-3, 3TR) all in next SC, Ch-1, DC between next 2 Tall Puffs, repeat from ** 3 times more, omitting final DC of third time repeating. Join with a slip stitch to top of the Beg DC _24 TR, 8 DC, 8 HDC, 5 Ch-1 spaces, 4 Ch-3 spaces total_

Round 5: SC in chain space, **SC in all stitches and chain spaces across to corner chain space, 5SC in corner chain space, repeat from ** 3 times more, SC in all stitches and chain spaces to first SC, join with a slip stitch to first SC. _80 SC total_

Round 6: SC in first SC and in all stitches around, putting 3SC in all 4 corners, join with a slip stitch in first SC, cut yarn and finish off ends. _88 SC total_

Double check that your squares are the same size 🙂