Scheepjes YARN 03 – The Tropical Issue 

Scheepjes Yarns has come out with the third volume of their YARN Book-azine, the Tropical Issue. And I cannot wait to show you my contribution! I’m so proud to be included in a group of such talented designers. 

When I saw the first two YARN volumes, the Sea Issue and Midnight Garden, I knew I wanted to be a part of this incredible project. Flipping through these beautiful volumes never gets old. Check them out at*. 

First, the Sea Issue…

Then, Midnight Garden…

And now, the Tropical Issue!

You can hop over to Ravelry and take a peek at all of the designs in the new Tropical Issue. I’ve chosen a couple of my favorites to show you here: the Piña Colada shawl by Nerissa Muijs, and the Cactus Puzzle Balls by Dedri Uys

Issue 3 of Scheepjes YARN bookazine, “Tropical”
Issue 3 of Scheepjes YARN bookazine, “Tropical”

The design I made for this issue is the “Amazon Blanket” seen on the cover above at the bottom-right corner, and here in the following fantastically styled photos:

Issue 3 of Scheepjes YARN bookazine, “Tropical”
Issue 3 of Scheepjes YARN bookazine, “Tropical”

You can imagine my glowing pride for my piece to be included amongst all that beauty. If you’re making it, tag #amazonblanket on social media ❤️❤️

Here are a couple of my own shots that I wanted to share with y’all so bad back in October 2016! 

I used a sunny mix of Scheepjes Softfun* and Softfun Denim* yarns for this project. It’s a lightweight yarn that’s perfect for warmer weather. 

Yarn required: 

Scheepjes Softfun (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m)

  • Yarn A: 2516 x 3 balls
  • Yarn B: 2517 x 4 balls
  • Yarn C: 2470 x 1 ball
  • Yarn D: 2426 x 2 balls
  • Yarn E: 2491 x 1 ball
  • Yarn F: 2431 x 1 ball
  • Yarn G: 2531 x 2 balls
  • Yarn H: 2535 x 5 balls

Scheepjes Softfun Denim (60% cotton, 40% acrylic, 50g/140 m)

  • Yarn I: 507 x 1 ball
  • Yarn J: 505 x 3 balls
  • Yarn K: 506 x 3 balls
  • Yarn L: 516 x 3 balls
  • Yarn M: 517 x 3 balls
  • Yarn N: 519 x 3 balls

The Amazon Blanket, lounging in my living room:

I also got a great little pic of the “YARN: the After Party” mini booklets that Scheepjes also publishes alongside the YARN bookazine. You can also find these at WoolWarehouse*. Aren’t the patterns just beautiful? My favorite part is the thoughtful way that the Scheepjes team stylizes the pieces. Swoon!

Be sure to tell me if you’re thinking of making the Amazon Blanket. I’d love to see! Social media #amazonblanket ❤️❤️

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