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Scheepjes Colour Crafter: A yarn stash staple.

I wanted to introduce y’all to a durable DK yarn that I just started using. Chances are if Scheepjes Colour Crafter isn’t already your go-to DK powerhouse, you have one that popped in your mind. I used to use a different one too, (probably the one you thought of!!) but the moment I laid hand on Colour Crafter, I never looked back.

Check out this rich palette – can you tell I’m amped for Fall? I’ll be using these colors for an awesome pattern coming soon! Y’all will love it!

This is only part of the selection that I have right now, and I suspect I’ll have all 93 (!) colors soon..

Here’s another palette that I’m using to update my Desert Bloom Blanket pattern. I love this yarn so much that I’m starting fresh with a whole new – larger – Desert Bloom in Colour Crafter.

So what’s the yarn like? Scheepjes CC is ultra squishy and plush. Acrylic and easy care. One of the reasons I like it is that there isn’t much of a sheen like some other brands. But it isn’t stiff either – super soft and velvety smooth. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually think it makes me crochet faster because it doesn’t create a whole lot of friction with the hook.

The yardage is wonderful on this economy ball: 100g = 300m.

If you’re ready for a change or want to try something new, give it a shot!

Check out the Velvet* version – a funky mix of faded glory that will have you hooking some fresh pieces!

Pick up Scheepjes Colour Crafter at Wool Warehouse* – you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

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  1. I love both of them. Scheepjes yarns are really my favorite. Love their texture and the colors are awesome.

    • I agree on both counts. I’ve used lots of brands over the years and like everybody (probably) I get in the habit of using my “favorite” go-to yarns.. Scheepjes is slowly taking over those faves! 🙂

  2. I have your Desert Bloom Blanket pattern and I was wondering if you could tell me what colors you’re using for the Scheepjes version you’re working on. I’d like to try the Sheepjes yarn and the DB pattern would be just the thing for trying it out.

  3. I’ve been using Stylecraft Special DK forever because that brand has such soft yarn, fantastic yardage and such a large color palette, but I can’t take the squeak anymore. It doesn’t always happen when I’m crocheting with Stylecraft Special DK, but when it does, it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. It’s so annoying to me that I tossed my huge stash of this beautiful yarn in the garage in order to donate it somewhere, eventually. I would really like to try Scheepjes Colour Crafter, but I’m afraid I might have the same issue with it. Are there any ever times when you’re working with this yarn and the squeak just won’t stop?

    • Colour Crafter definitely doesn’t have the same level of squeak, because it’s not so shiny. But also I recommend going up in hook size so there’s not as much friction.
      Let me know! Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.