Crochet Pattern: Hundred Chain Scarf – Our Tribe Yarn

Well, guys, what can I say? I’m a part of the neatest thing since sliced bread – grabbing the baton from Miss Neriss on this Scheepjes Blogger blog hop – (Thank you, Nerissa!!), and it’s now my turn to introduce Our Tribe yarn.

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Look at that pile of loveliness and tell me you don’t want to just reach out and squeeze a skein.

A few months ago, Scheepjes reached out to me and asked me for six colors that I thought faded well with one another. I was quite puzzled but I replied with a set of colors which have always been in my heart and often make an appearance in my projects (Trellis and Chevron, Desert Bloom, Moon Landing, and many more). These salient shades included a nice turquoise, a mint green, and an olive green, among others. The navy blue, coral, and deeper teal colors I chose are all hinted at in my yarn skein, but the real superstar is the mint and olive combo.

I was actually just recently commenting on how using mint and olive side by side has such a pleasing effect to me and it’s definitely a color pairing that I can’t seem to get out of my system. It shows up over and over in my works. There’s something about the cool mint and the warm olive that play off of each other to create a lovely combination. Add in the breezy turquoise and hints of blue? I’m smitten! Little did I know, when I was asked to pick 6 colors, that I would be choosing the shades of my very own yarn color-way.

Yes! Scheepjes let the Bloggers group members each pick colors to design our own shade of yarn… and it’s named “Our Tribe.” You can see in the photo above that while each of us has a different color personality, all of the shades go together quite well. What does that say about the Scheepjes Bloggers? It’s definitely an eclectic group of makers, but we come together to complement one another and bring our own shade of talents to the group. I’m proud to be a part of it!

In the overcast weather outside, our yarns kept changing color, but above you can see the ocean blues and greens of mine, plus the delicious colors of the rest of our Blogger Tribe members. I honestly cannot wait one minute to make a blanket using all of those yarns. Y’all know I’m not scared to combine a sugary pastel with a striking peacock and a fiery red, right? Bring it on..

Our Tribe yarn is a Superwash Merino blend – so lush! The six shades in each color-way are lightly twisted to blend and fade gloriously, creating loads of visual texture. And boy is this yarn soft. Truly I want to sink my hook into every single skein!

For now, I just dove into my own color-way to make a scarf – after all, a scarf is just a skinny blanket right? Lol. I really tried to get a feel for the yarn and with its soft hand and long color changes, it seemed like a wearable project would be the perfect choice. One with varying stitches just like all my blankets have! I couldn’t resist that one πŸ™‚

I chained 100, and voila, the Hundred Chain Scarf was born. (Go score the pattern! It makes for the perfect gift – a quick, entertaining make with loads of visual impact.)

Hundred Chain Scarf pattern

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You all know that along with using a yarn made of my favorite colors, I had to incorporate my favorite stitches into the inaugural project. So the Hundred Chain Scarf features linen st – a long time fave of mine, granny st – the chicken noodle soup of crochet, and a visually appealing fan and V st, which I added in as the spice to take it up a notch.

As this pattern is on the bias – I could not resist giving myself a slight challenge – I had to work out how to make the diagonal shape in all three stitch types, and when I tell you it worked out perfectly, y’all…. it’s like this was all meant to be! The Tribe power is strong! ❀️

<<<<< you want a scarf in every color-way? It only takes 2 balls of Our Tribe to make the Hundred Chain Scarf. For now, Our Tribe is only available in brick and mortar Scheepjes Retailers, but I’ll have a link for y’all soon when it hits the online shops. <<<<< ked my daughter to model it like she has in the past, and she humored me! This girl is growing so fast, and she’s the one who first taught me what it’s like having a Tribe – Our first born ❀️ and growing like a weed!

Well there you have it, y’all! A walk through my special shade of Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn from beginning to scarf πŸ™‚

Next up in the blog hop is someone who I have long admired since waaaay before I joined the Scheepjes Bloggers: Susan of The Felted Button (and PS, her color is just as scrumptious as you would think it’d be!) Look out for her blog post tomorrow!

Thanks for coming with me on this journey, y’all!!

Happy crafting,

Rachele C.

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    • Thank you – super cool. I know when I start my blanket I’ll have some special feelings when I work with each color. Looking forward to seeing what you make ❀️