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Stone Washed & Stone Washed XL 

I recently received a shipment of yarn from Scheepjes Yarns, and I cannot stop brainstorming projects with this giant stash of Stone Washed and Stone Washed XL. Scheepjes was generous enough to provide one in every color. I made some yarn pegs to play palette mixer later, and then got to work designing. I truly love this yarn!

Find Stonewashed and its XL buddy at LoveKnitting* (US), WoolWarehouse* (UK), and KnottyHouse* (CA), and other Scheepjes retailers. Trust me, you can put 10 random colors in your shopping cart and it’ll make a smashing palette.

Obviously I’ve said this a hundred times, but this may be my favorite Scheepjes yarn… I’m swooning over my own photographs of it while putting together this post, and that’s saying something!

If you’re wondering the difference between the original and XL versions, check out these two. They’re both the “Enstatite” color and it’s easy to see the thickness comparison.

While the yarns look pretty much the same, the content is actually slightly different. Check out the ball bands on this pair of “Lepidolite” and you see they’re both mostly cotton.

The best kind of yarn is a cotton acrylic blend imo… but many brands can be so heavy. Stone Washed is specially crafted with a hollow core, so it is as light as a feather. Even the XL is light. This means I can make small, insanely plush XL blankets using a larger hook to add in some extra drape. (I’m making one using a 6.5mm hook right now!)

Stop scrolling now if you don’t want to spend all your pocket money on a cartful of yarny gorgeousness..


Okay still with me?? Then peep this shade card of the new colors recently released. Wowzers!! (Photo copyright Scheepjes Yarns.)

Here’s the whole range in a screenshot from the Scheepjes website. Heart eyesssss…

You know I had to go back and revisit an old pattern – Wildflower – and give it a reboot.

But I have a confession to make. Someone told me Stone Washed XL’s thickness may not be suitable for blankets. Gasp! This blanket-obsessed crafter was both offended and challenged at the same time. Soooo you can stay tuned for some patterns which feature both thicknesses of this amazing yarn. Together forever!

A perfect pair! And that thought inspired the floral hexagon beginnings below – the “Perfect Pair” blanket currently being tested by the talented Andrea VanDerbroeke, Tester Tribe member <3

And meet “Baby Bear” with XL motifs and original Stone Washed joining. One of my favorites of my new makes – pattern coming soon! Along with Momma Bear & Papa Bear to follow.  <3

Fill up your cart and have a ball! You will not regret it. And tag me @cypresstextiles on social media to show off what you’re making!

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  1. I am SO JEALOUS! I love Scheepjes Stonewashed! I wish I could afford to buy one (or MORE!) of every color….

    Just going through that kind of stash would keep me busy – AND HAPPY! – for an entire day…(and then all the time I was working with it, of course!)
    if you have any extra you can’t use, I’d be glad to take it off your hands…..

    I have to start designing so they can provide me with some yarn to “review” and work with….

  2. I am so in love with this yarn, both texture and colours are everything I could wish for. There is nothing comparable on the market. I am so disappointed, though, because of the poor customer service, which brought myself to the point of not buying Scheepjes at all any more. Every time I look at those colours now, my eyes start watering. So sad.