BQueen Collection – Custom Dye Box

You may remember my post back in mid-June when I photographed my first experience dyeing yarn with a BQueen Dye Box. If you haven’t seen that post, please hop over! It talks about the process and you’ll see the gorgeous yellow Safflower-dyed yarn. ❤️❤️

(The pattern for this square is “Crystal” from the Vibrant Vintage CAL!) 

When I dyed my first hank, I instantly wanted 6 more colors on 6 more hanks to make – of course – a blanket! Wouldn’t that be too lush?? After a chit chat with super-cool BQueen founder, Makenzie, she informed me that she had some gears turning already for a custom type Dye Box. 

I waited patiently and finally she told me it was ready! 6 hanks of Superwash Merino bulky and 6 gorgeous natural dye vials. 

I put my yarn soaking and started mixing up the dyes in the cups Makenzie provides with each Box. 

Here are the remaining 5 dyes and their name tags.. I couldn’t stop the vials from rolling around to get a shot of the names in the previous pic! 

Today, since I’m dyeing all 6 colors I don’t want to heat my house into oblivion with a 6-hour boiling water session on the stove. Outdoor kitchen to the rescue! We have a grill, a large griddle, and a gas flame that’s perfect for just this situation. I promise, buried under all the protective coverings and random junk, there’s a very useful outdoor kitchen. Lol..

Below you can see my setup with the Quebrucho Rojo first, and then mini-pics of the dyes Wattle and Madder (Yellow)

What a delightful and easy experience checking on the yarns amongst baking cookies all day and washing a few loads of laundry. Never a boring moment! 🙂 

Draped on the chair to dry. 

From top to bottom: Quebrucho Rojo, Wattle, Madder (yellow), Weld/Caribbean, Henna, Madder (Red), and balled up: Safflower. 

Red bowl to catch drips.

Lounging by the hammock for a photo op.

I 100% recommend BQueen Collection – their Dye Boxes are just perfect and she is a joy to talk to. Sooooo worth it!! I can’t wait to decide on a pattern and work up some of this loveliness! ❤️❤️❤️

And if anyone thought, “ooo, cookies!!” a while ago… I made Sally’s Baking Addiction Chewy Oatmeal Cookies, minus the raisins and some of the sugar, plus sliced almonds, pecan pieces, and nutmeg. (I’ll write this one up soon in a Sunday Baking post!)  

Of course I also had to make a couple batches of my “Scary-Good” Bake Sale cookies for my mom to take to work for their Halloween spread! ❤️❤️

Great day! Hope y’all enjoyed your Sunday as well!


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