Playing With Yarn

Hurrah for Velvet!!

Scheepjes || Velvet Yarn has arrived! And there’s one in every color – heart eyes!

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Ignore the pizza boxes and busy kids buried in Summer workbooks – when this yarn came I had to clear a spot and photograph!

The label says Colour Crafter, which got me thinking…

Wouldn’t it be lovely to mix and match shades of Colour Crafter and Velvet in the same project?!? I happened to have these coordinating shades of CC in my stash, but you could mix it way up and use any colors.. My head is already brainstorming!!

And since these colors with the acid bleached retro look (totally bringing me back to the 90s) remind me of the fabulous WestKnits, I just have to use every one of these babies in the same project – not a solid in sight.

Introducing my next free pattern (nameless!!): a biiiig sunburst-flower-type hexagon – 11 inch across, 10 inch tall! Colors on the left for flowers, colors on the right for joining. Even though I’ve made a zillion different variations on the Sunburst flower, it’s not out of my system yet. I just keep increasing the amount of petals lol – this bad boy has 24! I’ll be in the 30s in no time😜

Meanwhile, I cannot wait to make more of these hexies.. This yarn is fantastic! Spongey, great stitch definition, holds its shape without feeling stiff, and drop dead gorgeous.. I can’t put it down! Stay tuned for the pattern. ❤️❤️


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  1. Oh I love this yarn and your sunburst granny hexagon. I have already ordered those same colors and can’t wait to see the sunburst granny hexagon pattern. Thank you for the post.

  2. i ordered my yarn and received it last. week. I want to make this hexagon, it is so pretty.

  3. Can I still purchase the Hexagon Burst yarn kit? What would the US shipping costs be for this kit? I love the colors for this pattern and would like to use them, but I am wondering if it is cost effective due to US shipping?