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It’s official: I’m a Scheepjes Blogger!

Yep, that’s right! After putting a LOT of thought into it, I made the commitment to partner up with Scheepjes – makers of *stunning* yarns – and I’m just so excited to see what comes of our budding relationship!

What does that mean for you guys and gals? It means more variety on – you’ll see I now have an entire section of my site dedicated to blogging my crafty Scheepjes endeavors.. And it also means I’ll be writing more patterns for pretty things along the way. 🙂

For now I think I’ll post a little yarny eye candy… 

Just loooooook at some saturated rainbow-like gorgeousness:

Linen Soft, Merino Soft, and Colour Crafter 

And wowzers this pastelly heathery goodness – I’m swooning!!

Softfun Aquarel, Stone Washed, and Catona (25gr) – peep how teensy these li’l candies are! 2 are the length of one Colour Crafter!! 😍😍😍 Colorwork will be so fun and granny squares – oh I can’t wait until I have a spare minute!

I’ll be spending some time on – brb in a day or two lol

Looking forward to sharing more with you lovely lot! Happy crafting! 🙂

10 thoughts on “It’s official: I’m a Scheepjes Blogger!

    1. Oh the Colour crafter 100g acrylic that’s comparable to the Stylecraft Special DK ball – I have nothing against Stylecraft believe me I have a TON of Special DK in my stash and I love it..

      However! Colour Crafter is definitely smooshier, softer, and silkier. I was just talking to my crafter friend, Selah, about this! I’d describe CC as more “bloomed” than SSDK.. It’s not as tight and shiny, although it does have some sheen.

      Long story short: the squish factor of Colour Crafter beats that of Stylecraft Special DK.


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    2. I am currently using both – ColourCrafter for the VV Cal here and Stylecraft DK for a hexie blanket. The ColourCrafter is definitely softer and squishier, but the twist isn’t as tight as Stylecraft DK so I am finding it quite ‘splitty’ to crochet with. Also, because of the fluffiness of the fibre the stitch definition of ColourCrafter is not quite as good as Stylecraft. The colours are fabulous in both brands. I’m not sure I would use the ColourCrafter again to be honest, but I like a more defined stitch definiton so that’s just personal preference. Occasionally I will come across a small length of yarn in a ColourCrafter ball that feels really hard like melted glue which has not won it any more points for me! The final test for me will be washing the VV Cal blanket, as I am so happy with how Stylecraft holds up to repeated washing and tumble drying.

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      1. Great info! I haven’t actually used the Colour Crafter yet, so I’m curious to see how it will wash up as well! But the twist may be personal preference as tension can affect “splittiness” (lol!) of yarn as well, and I find high twist leads to extra sheen, of which I’m not a huge fan. I do love Stylecraft! But I’ll choose a matte finish over a shiny one.. Example I always go for matte cotton yarns vs the shiny type.. However if it’s constantly splitting, that would definitely be a turn-off!

        Thanks again for the input – let me know how washing goes! ❤️❤️
        Happy crafting,
        Rachele C.


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