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Big Leaf Border

Hey-ooooohh! It’s me again – bringing you a new freebie. This one’s a border that looks like a line of connected leaves.. hence the name! For the demo sample, I used Scheepjes Softfun* in color 2535, a lush leafy green shade.  Use the Big Leaf Border pattern for any size blanket. Head over to the Ravelry page for a PDF version (coming soon!) or keep scrolling and we’ll get started! Basic information: Border is 7 rounds With DK weight yarn and size H hook, I get a width of approximately 2 inches  Use the same hook you used in the blanket body for Rounds 1-6, then switch to a hook size smaller for Round 7 Special stitches: Beg DC = (SC, Chain 1) DC4tog = (in next St work DC up to final step, leaving behind one loop on hook) 4 times, YO, draw yarn through all 5 loops on hook 3DC Cluster = in indicated st/sp, work DC up to final step, leaving behind one loop on hook 3 times in same spot, YO, …


Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border! 

Find this border pattern in PDF format as a Ravelry download. (Side note: if you are interested in the Vibrant Vintage CAL, I created a 45-page PDF including condensed versions of all 33 square patterns, plus two popular border options, and the lace border.  I’ve added a Ravelry ebook page for this blanket, but it will direct you to download the PDF from an outside source (URL at left hand side). Just in case Ravelry gives me trouble with it, here is the direct link to download the PDF via hosting service Ravelry will not let me add it to the library because it would be considered a duplicate upload. And of course, check out full patterns, charts, and more joining options on the main VVCAL page.) You can add this border on ANY blanket, so if you have a blanket that needs edging, get it out and let’s do it! I am using Stylecraft Special DK (affiliate link) Round 1: Begin in any corner and SC evenly around, putting 3 SC in each corner. Join with sl …


Checker Edging: Tutorial

Hello, y’all! Do you have all your squares joined and you need a border? Are you looking for something cute without a lot of bling? I think I have something for you! The Checker Edging is a super simple idea that I’m sure has been used a zillion times, but I wanted to share since I was asked about it on a couple of makes. My blanket model is the Gumball Blanket, which is the very first pattern I ever wrote – back in 2012! Check out all 19 Gumballs on my portfolio site, I made the first ever Gumball blanket shown in the pic above (my photography skills have come a long way, and I yes I used to outline photos in black 😊😊), and someone messaged me asking if I had a pattern for it. I wrote back something like, “Yes! I’ll send it as soon as I get back home!” …..aaand I promptly got started writing the pattern. Thank you to whoever you are for giving me the bright idea to …


Floating Picot Edging

  Hello, everyone!  I wanted to document an edging that I’ve been using for a long time when I want something simple, but still cute. It adds that perfect little something.  No step-by-step photos here, but it’s so simple! You can set it up with a foundation round of either (SC, Chain 3) – chain-3 loops, or plain SC all around..    Floating Picot Edging pattern: (SC, Chain 3, SC in third chain from hook, chain 1…) repeat… If you have a chain-3 loop foundation, then SC in the next chain loop to start the next repeat..  If you have an SC round foundation, then skip 2 stitches, and SC in the next stitch to start the next repeat..         


Treble Scallop Edging: Free Pattern

Treble Scallop Edging! This edge starts with a foundation round of (SC, Chain 2, Skip 1 stitch) repeated, with (SC, Chain 2, SC) in the corners. Check out the before pic below to see this in action. Here is what your piece will look like before each scallop. Step 1: Skip 1 Chain loop, Treble Crochet in the next Chain loop, Chain 2 Step 2: Single Crochet in the top side bars of the Treble Crochet that you’ve already done – (Picot made) Step 3: Continue to make (Treble, Picot) until you have 5 Picots made. Treble Crochet once more to finish the Scallop Step 4: Skip 1 Chain loop, SC in the next Chain loop to anchor the Scallop That’s it! Easy-peasy 1 round scallop/picot lace edging 🙂 Now for the corners.. If you’re a mega planner, then you’ve made your foundation round to have the correct amount of Chain loops made to end up with perfect corners. *I* prefer to relax and just let the artistic muse guide me 😉 BUT that means …