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Meringe Edging

Meringue Edging – Tutorial

This edging can be used on a straight DC or a granny edge as in this project. If you’re doing a straight DC border, just skip 3 stitches between the shell and the SC like if it were a granny.

I work a round of the border color first, so when I start, I’m not attaching new yarn. I finish the round in a chain 2 corner. Essentially the shell is: 3DC, Picot, 4DC

*See how to make the Picot below*

Edging: (SC, chain 1, 3DC, Picot, 6DC) in chain 2 corner (Corner shell made). *SC in the next ch2 space. (3DC, Picot, 4DC) in next ch2 sp* repeat across to the next corner.

At my corners, I come to a shell at the end, when I should be SC-ing before the corner. I just play it off and do the corner shell anyway! It makes for a great leafy corner and I love it as an added piece of the design.



After you 3DC, chain 3


Insert your hook in the DC, through the center with the two outer bars on the outside, like in the photo below.


Yarn over and pull the loop through to make an SC.


Finish the SC. Picot made.


So, chain 3, SC in base stitch. This base stitch could be an SC too, if you’re just working SC across with picots at an interval. By the way, that makes a pretty, delicate edge.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes!

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