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Floating Picot Edging

Hello, everyone! 

I wanted to document an edging that I’ve been using for a long time when I want something simple, but still cute. It adds that perfect little something. 
No step-by-step photos here, but it’s so simple! You can set it up with a foundation round of either (SC, Chain 3) – chain-3 loops, or plain SC all around.. 


Floating Picot Edging pattern:

(SC, Chain 3, SC in third chain from hook, chain 1…) repeat…

If you have a chain-3 loop foundation, then SC in the next chain loop to start the next repeat.. 

If you have an SC round foundation, then skip 2 stitches, and SC in the next stitch to start the next repeat.. 



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  1. I’d be really interested in how you made that lovely, lacy join above!
    Can you give us instructions for that? so much prettier than the plain sc join, in my opinion. I’d love to see pattern/instruction for THAT!

    • That join is called “Celtic Lace Join” and it’s a free pattern on my crafter site –

      Here’s the link:

      You can definitely use it for the VVCAL instead of the plain SC – some ladies are using it! I used a smaller version of the join, that I’m calling “Celtic Lace Junior” – and I’ll write that pattern up as well..

      The VVCAL edging is based on a set repeat of foundation stitches, so you can use any join you like, and the edging pattern will suit it.

      Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.

  2. I love the picot edging – so simple but effective. The white background to the squares in the top 2 photos is really stunning – sets them off perfectly. Celtic Lace Junior; I will look out for that 🙂

  3. Hi I love the pattern for the block with the playfull lace edging. Where can I find it.

    • This star square is actually from the book “crocheted afghans: 25 throws, wraps, and blanket to crochet” – it’s called “cream comforter”
      Happy crafting to you!