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Lacy Peaks Edging: Free Pattern


Lacy Peaks Edging Tutorial

This is a fabulous (and easy!) 5-round border option to work on my “Candy Puffs Blanket” pattern as pictured in the photos.

Make Picot: Chain 2, SC in side bar of the previous HDC  just made.

Foundation Rnd: On Rnd 1 (the next round), you will be working groups of 3DC all around, so your Foundation Rnd needs to set that up. In most cases, you can go ahead and work an SC or DC Foundation round, with 3SC or (3DC, Ch-2, 3DC) in the corners.

On my blanket, I have a raw edge with puffs, chain loops, sideways DC stitches, and the lot (hopefully you can somewhat see this in the photos), so my raw edge here was not suitable for an SC or DC Foundation round.

I chose instead to work (SC, Ch-3) repeat around, with the plan of making my Rnd 1 3DC groups in each Ch-3 loop.

Rnd 1: If you have started with an SC or DC round, then work evenly spaced (3DC in next St, Skip 2 St) repeats around, putting (3DC, Ch-2, 3DC) in all corners.

Make sure you have the same amount of 3DC groups on opposing sides of your piece.


Rnd 2 and 3: (SC between 3DC groups, Ch-3) repeat around.

Rnd 4: SC in corner Ch-3 loop. Ch-1, (HDC, Picot, 2HDC, Picot, HDC) all in same corner loop. (2HDC, Picot, HDC) in all Ch-3 loops around, making (2HDC, Picot, 2HDC, Picot, HDC) in remaining 3 corners. Finish off.



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  1. Stunning edging. This is one I am saving for a future blanket. Your blanket is gorgeous, as always. Thank you for sharing your free pattern with us. I look forward to all your creations and am always inspired by your work.
    In appreciation for your fantastic blog, the time and work involved in sharing with us, and your many free patterns and tutorials.
    I am always inspired by your work and follow your blog through email.
    You make my days happy!
    Happy Holiday to You ~

    • Thank you so much for the kind word! I’m a busy bee this time of year, so how refreshing to read your comments.

      Have a relaxing holiday, and happy crafting!
      Rachele C. Xx

    • Hi there! It’s only in blog post form, so I don’t have a file for it, but I have heard others say you can right click and save as a PDF, so that may help! Sorry I can’t be much help, there as I’m not so savvy.
      Happy crafting!
      Rachele C.