Playful Lace Scallop Edging

Your blankie is sure to be a hit with this super cute edging!


Your first round will be a chain loop round. So if your final blanket round is an SC round, then (SC, skip 1 stitch, chain 2) repeat around – in all 4 corners, work (SC, chain 2, SC).

If your final round is chain loops, just make sure you can work (SC, chain 2) loops around, putting (SC, chain 2, SC) in the 4 corners.

It will help if between corner chain loops, you have a number of chain that is a multiple of 6 + 5. Example: 35 chain loops between corners.


Playful Scallop Edging

Count 2 chain loops before any corner and join yarn. SC in same chain loop, treble crochet (TR) in corner chain loop, (chain 3, SC in top of TR) – Picot made – (TR, Picot) 6 more times, TR, skip 1 chain loop, SC in next chain loop. 7-Picot Scallop Corner made.

In next chain loop: 3 DC, Picot, 3 DC, SC in next chain loop. Meringue made.

Skip 1 chain loop, {(TR, Picot) 5 times, TR} skip 1 chain loop, SC in next chain loop. 5-Picot Scallop made.

Alternate between Meringue and Scallop across to next corner. In the corners, make your 7-Picot Scallop like before.