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VVCAL blanket in green palette – A very green post :)

Sometimes I look at my WIP and think, “Why are you like this?” Lol – but this method is faster, or at least in my mind. 

Besides, this pic from January 2015 has over a hundred thousand pins or something, so it can’t be that crazy.. 

But what IS crazy is how many joins I tried for these squares… eventually I just invented a Join for them – the Row by Row JAYG, and I didn’t even end up using it!! Honestly… 

What I did end up using was a version of the Flat Braid Join with only one chain instead of three or five. I made a YouTube video for it! 

Along the way I also tried my go-to PLT Join, but I didn’t think it had enough oomph to echo the Lacy squares. 

I also tried out making the PLT move on only certain stitches so it would have a pretty Celtic effect. I didn’t end up liking that one either… but it was kinda pretty! 

Gratuitous granny square pic… these are the VVCAL (Vibrant Vintage CAL) squares from the cal I hosted in 2016. Check it out! 33 free square patterns, multiple joining options, and a wide Lace border. 

And here is the final blanket. All that frogging was worth it. Then I almost ran out of the white yarn. (This is KnitPicks Palette yarn, by the way – aff.) I added in the green border rounds to get the piece a tad larger, and I do like the little frame it makes. 

Also, I had to change the border a bit just to keep from running out of yarn. But I was pleased with the result anyhow. 

A couple more pics!

And BONUS Green content ❤️❤️❤️

Our trip to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. If you’re taking a trip to SA, this place is a total hidden gem. It’s serene, beautiful, and the kids enjoyed every moment, plus it’s not over-crowded, so you can spread out. 

Just lovely. Highly recommend getting a season pass. ❤️

Hope y’all enjoyed this green post!! 

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Rachele C.


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