California Dreaming: When the artist collaborates with her former self


California Dreaming No. 1 – Currently resides in the USA

Fiber art is my passion. I have crocheted every day for years, but before I picked up the hook, I proudly wielded the knitting needles. In my second year of college, I became utterly inspired by Wendy Johnson of to learn to knit. This was a time when young people still learned from books, so I mixed library visits with internet research to teach myself the craft. Dozens of cardigan sweaters, stripy socks, and several knitted blankets later, and somehow I made it through college to the other side.


California Dreaming No. 2 – Currently resides in the UK

After college, life swept me up in its current, and I started a career, got married, and had a baby on the way within a year after graduation! But somewhere in the middle of all that craziness, I picked up a hook and discovered granny squares, baby booties, and scarves, and it was all over…


California Dreaming No. 3 – Currently resides in Canada

I never, ever looked back to knitting, and that forward momentum left behind a serious amount of unfinished work in its wake. I didn’t have the time to go through it all, in those fast-paced years, so it got boxed up and stored away for another day.

Flash forward about 8 years, 3 kiddoes, and a big decision to become a stay-at-home-mom later, and I finally had the down time to open that box of knitted WIPs, and ..whoa! I was shocked to find myself getting so sentimental remembering which classes I would skip to knit, which coffee shops I would visit to knit in public, and which yarn shops I would spend my hard-earned money in for “stash enhancement.”

One unfinished project in particular that I connected with was the No-Sew Mitered Square Afghan (an alternate construction method for the Psychedelic Square Afghan). I worked it up using the no-sew tips from the Mason-Dixon Knitting site, but I never ended up mattress stitching everything together to finish. The colors and the design reminded me of my former self and I knew I had to create something to bring the pieces back to life.



After a half second of realizing there was no way I would be capable of knitting the remainder of the project, I decided to make it a mixed-method project and crochet the pieces together.

The three resulting blankets are just fabulous. I named them the California Dreaming series because they evoked a beachy, sun-shiney feeling. I stitched the squares together with white yarn and then went around with a light rainbow of single crochet, and a final touch of reverse single crochet for the edging.

Read more about the days that I made this series here.

These pieces are truly special to me. I am constantly creating different variations of the same patterns in my custom work, which allows me the comfort that those pieces can always be re-created and therefore carry a sense of immortality. My California Dreaming blankets are completely finite. Making something that was entirely one-of-a-kind sort of put me in a pensive mood, because I knew the nostalgic feeling of working with that history of my former self would disappear as soon as I weaved the final yarn tails.

But the works live on! Keeping beautiful babies warm in three different countries! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who is supporting my passion by subscribing to Cypress Textiles. You are truly giving me a gift.





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  1. I’d just like to say that these blankets are the reason I learned how to knit! I honestly love them so very much that I got over my fear of needles (lol) and this was the first project I knitted. So many thanks to you for sharing and inspiring!! I am wondering if you would share how you joined them? I am a crocheter but not familiar with joining knit and crochet. Thank you again for any information you’d be comfortable sharing. And thanks again for the inspiration! I love to knit now and could not see my life without it!

    • Wow thank you so much for popping in and telling me! 🙂 This made my day!

      To join, I did a round of SC stitches evenly spaced, with 3SC for corners, making sure i had the same amount on all 4 sides. Then from that point you can do anything! I used a join that I like to use on the majority of my projects as it creates a nice sturdy join. I call it “Mini-Twist” in my patterns, but someone else has written up their version, called “Tight Join” – if you Google, it should come up!

      Thank you again for your kind words. Actually I haven’t looked at this project in forever, but now I’m staring at my yarn stash thinking of buying some knitting needles again!

      – RC <3

      • Awesome! Thanks for helping with that! And yes, your work is phenomenal; I’d bet looking back at some of your old projects has to be kinda cool for you. I sometimes just browse your blog/IG simply because looking at your beautiful work puts me in a great mood.