Instagram user @VanillaLemonCake

Instagram <- visit Jessica’s instagram!! For MAJOR Flat-lay, flowers, natural COLOR inspiration.

Feast your eyes…

Jessica has a way of finding beauty in nature and perfectly photographing it to share with the rest of us.

Browse through beautifully curated hashtags like one of my favorites, her series called #VLCflowersonnapkins

And another hashtag that she contributes lovely flat lays to: #natureflatlays – just look at these feathers 😍😍

Plus, she’s been doing this thing lately with pink and yellow that’s REALLY got me inspired…

I’ve got sketches of blankets on those sugar-sweet photos already, believe me.

Jessica’s IG feed will have you scrolling for hours. Come for the flowers, stay for Sir Teddy the hamster.

Lol! I just love that li’l guy 🙂

All of the lovely photos in this Nature inspiration post were selected from Jessica’s IG feed.