Crochet Blanket Color Combination Party!

Hi, y’all! I enjoyed creating my last Color Palette round-up post so much that I decided to make another one. Last time I focused on Geometric Lace Blanket, and this time I’m going to see how Crochet Blanket Color Combination can look across different blanket designs.

[Side note: Wanting to learn more about color placement and distribution? I made a blog post about that too!]

Crochet Blanket Color Combination

Crochet Blanket Color Combination

Crochet Blanket Color Combination

As used across different blanket designs 

Recommended Materials

Without Further Ado: The Combos!

Take a look at these schemes and the galleries. Note how cohesive the galleries look, across textures, shapes, styles, and designs. Isn’t it incredible? If you want to be blown away, go through your FO catalogue and make a selection of pieces with a similar aesthetic, like what I have collected here. You will be so surprised. Thanks for taking a peek at my little collection!

Orange & Aqua

Blue & Green

Dusty & Faded

Bold & Funky


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