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Callie Crochet Blanket Pattern

Callie Pattern:

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Alternate way to whip st join, instead of using the tails: YouTube Tutorial – Click here!


US Size 3.25mm hook, Tapestry needle for weaving ends

Gauge: Motif measures about 6.5in at widest point

Measurements: Finished piece measures about 70x58in, and is easily resized by using larger gauge yarn and hook, or by making more motifs.


Scheepjes “Cotton 8” (aff)

(100% Cotton; 50g/170m)

Color x No. of balls

Yarn A: 665 Light Blue Green x 3

Yarn B: 723 Sea Green x 3

Yarn C: 508 Soft Yellow x 3

Yarn D: 722 Ochre x 4

Yarn E: 671 Rust x 3

Yarn F: 717 Bordeaux x 3

Yarn G: 657 Dark Brown x 3

Yarn H: 659 Light Brown x 4

Yarn I: 656 Beige x 4

Calliope or simply “Callie” was born from an idea I had in August 2017 to make a floral hexagon with thin petals and an ornate texture. At that time I was working with my Fresh Earth palette and it was really well received, so I decided to start with that color scheme for the piece. Some color-swapping and adding tones, and the finished color combo was decided.

The way I used the colors in the piece is a bit different from most of my projects! I laid out the 9 colors in a circle in the order that most pleased me. Then when I made each motif, I used the colors in the order they appear in the circle. So each motif has very planned color order. This proved to be a success in that instead of a completely randomized color placement, there is some order to it.

Of course I can’t totally let go of random… so I did do random motif placement! Satisfying 🙂

And y’all loved it! I got tons of great feedback and it gave me the warm fuzzies.

But now it’s December. Almost the end of the year and Callie was nearly swept into 2018. Say it ain’t so!! It was time to put the pedal to the metal and get it checked off.

So the Callie pattern is ready for you all, and I really hope you have a wonderful time creating her. Any color combination will look stunning, and if you do decide to make Callie, be sure to hashtag #CallieBlanket and #CypressTextiles – this way I can see your works 🙂

Cotton 8 Yarn:

Scheepjes Cotton 8 (aff)

Callie Pattern:

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  1. Oh, I love these rich earthy colours and the turquoise shades are wonderful. I can’t wait to finish the two projects I’m currently working on so I can start one of your beautiful patterns. Thank you Rachele and happy new year to you.

    • Happy New Year to y’all too! I’m so pleased that you like Callie and her color palette. She was a fun one to work on! ❤️

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