Mystery Square Free Pattern

Try this fun square in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn like:


UPDATE: Mystery Solved!

The lovely Destany at IG username CayenneJalapeno made the square pictured below, which is based loosely on the Gothic Square (square #94) in the book 200 Crochet Blocks (Ravelry).

Thank you Destany, for this beautiful inspiration!! Go follow Destany on IG and see pics of her lovely work and beautiful family 🙂

Destany’s original pattern is coming soon and we are even planning a CAL together for this wonderful square over at – In the meantime, check out the IG tag #mysterysquare2014 to see all of the awesome squares everyone has made from this pretty design.


UPDATE #2!: Pattern Uploaded to Ravelry

Destany has now uploaded her original free pattern for her square entitled “Victorian Lattice Square” on Since this is her design, I’ll be removing my instruction, but I’ll leave my pictures up. To make this square, please download the free pattern and contact Destany on IG if you have any questions. 🙂


Mystery Square! If you know who made this, please let me know and I will link! For now, this square pictured below has been floating around without any credit to artist, designer, or pattern, but I just HAD to make it – such a beautiful sight. And I have these 4 yarns (above) that I have been dying to use in a blanket, but never knew what pattern I wanted to use. Well, now it’s staring me in the face!


Here is the way I worked this square, just by looking at it. I know I have different methods, and I can’t speak for the actual construction, but my interpretation did work out.

I used a DK yarn and a size H hook for the body, size G hook for the ninth (final) round of pure SC. My square is 7.5″









I used a few different methods in my version of this square, but the main difference is that I used a complete SC round for round 9, as follows:

Rnd 9: Switch to a hook 1 size smaller (if you want to!) SC in joining stitch, SC all around, making 3 SC in the 4 corner chain spaces. Join with slip stitch to beginning SC and finish off yarn. BEAUTIFUL!!