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Free Crochet Square Pattern: Crafter Mystery!

Mystery Square! If you know who made this mystery free crochet square pattern, please let me know and I will link! For now, this square pictured below has been floating around without any credit to artist, designer, or pattern, but I just HAD to make it – such a beautiful sight. And I have these yarns that I have been dying to use in a blanket, but never knew what pattern I wanted to use. Well, now it’s staring me in the face!

Try this fun square in a built tough, but super soft DK weight yarn like:

Mystery Free Crochet Square Pattern

Mystery Free Crochet Square Pattern

UPDATE: Mystery Solved!

The lovely Destany at IG username CayenneJalapeno made the square pictured below, which is based loosely on the Gothic Square (square #94) in the book 200 Crochet Blocks (Ravelry).

Thank you Destany, for this beautiful inspiration!! Go follow Destany on IG and see pics of her lovely work and beautiful family 🙂

Destany’s original pattern is coming soon and we are even planning a CAL together for this wonderful square over at – In the meantime, check out the IG tag #mysterysquare2014 to see all of the awesome squares everyone has made from this pretty design.

UPDATE #2!: Pattern Uploaded to Ravelry

Destany has now uploaded her original free pattern for her square entitled “Victorian Lattice Square” on Since this is her design, I’ll be removing my instruction, but I’ll leave my pictures up. To make this square, please download the free pattern and contact Destany on IG if you have any questions. 🙂


Here is the way I worked this square, just by looking at it. I know I have different methods, and I can’t speak for the actual construction, but my interpretation did work out. Wanna see more free crochet square patterns?

I used a DK yarn and a size H hook for the body, size G hook for the ninth (final) round of pure SC. My square is 7.5″

Mystery Free Crochet Square Pattern

Step by step photo instructions









I used a few different methods in my version of this square, but the main difference is that I used a complete SC round for round 9, as follows:

Rnd 9: Switch to a hook 1 size smaller (if you want to!) SC in joining stitch, SC all around, making 3 SC in the 4 corner chain spaces. Join with slip stitch to beginning SC and finish off yarn. BEAUTIFUL!!



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  1. Hi , fantastic work . I’m new at this crochet thing .. I tried almost all the crochet I can fin , and mus say this one is so beautyful , want to learn how to do it . Soooo pleeeeease , make a youtube video … Best regards Joy ( denmark )

  2. I would love to be able to crochet this, but I’m not very good at reading and following the written directions. I watch a lot of YouTube videos where I do learn a lot by hands on. So if you do get a chance it would be nice to actually watch you crochet this with step by step instructions.

    • Thank you! She did post the picture – but she randomly found it on the internet herself, as she states on her IG feed – hopefully someone will see it and recognize it 😊😊

  3. Can you tell me what size the square ends up being? I am making toms of face clothes and this would be so pretty if close to the size I need. Thanks so,much.

  4. You said: “Go follow Destany on IG”. Can you please tell me what that is?
    I would like to check out more of Destany’s work but I’m not familiar with
    any websites abbreviated “IG”. Does she post on Ravelry by any chance?

  5. How come there is only the instructions for round 9.. rounds from 1 to 8 are only in pictures.

    Thank you..Anita

    • Hi, there! Because I deleted my instruction as the mystery was solved and the original creator decided to write her own pattern, so I politely removed my instruction. Her pattern is “Victorian Lattice Square” free on ❤️❤️ thank you! 🙂

  6. I just learned how to crochet I really like it relaxing like watching the videos how to do it really great if you would send me a video step by step thank you

  7. Check out Meramiriam (nordgren) on IG. She made an entire bedspread out of these squares. 360 squares and is now working on the boarder.

  8. Please, make a you tube tutorial? I’m not into diagrams, so hard for me to understand. So, please please make a youtube tutorial.

  9. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Love to have a written pattern. I have trouble with diagrams. Must be because I’m old. Lol

  10. It’s a beautiful mystery square! But is there a step by step written pattern?

    • I’m glad you like it! See the updates at the top for links – I haven’t looked at Destany’s pattern on Ravelry, but I think it’s probably pretty detailed!
      Happy crafting 🙂

  11. Hi i am from Italy, and i would like to ask, may i translate your interpretation into italian ?
    Best regards

    • Hello there! This pattern isn’t Destany wymore and can be found on Ravelry – I’m afraid to say yes because it isn’t truly my pattern.. Maybe you can contact Destany?
      Glad you like it and hope all goes well!
      Rachele C.

    • Hi there! If you read the updates at the beginning of this post, you’ll find Destany’s Ravelry pattern link. Since Destany published her pattern, I erased my written instruction out of respect for her design work. Thank you and happy crafting! – RC