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Self Love Blanket: A “Finished” Object, Plus a Secret Revealed

Better late than never has never felt so good. This FO* is coming after the completion of a long, long list of Super Huge Important Things I had to do, so the delay was definitely worth it, trust me. 2018 is my year of Self Love.

[Related: find this pattern free on Ravelry starting April 9th! This is blanket 2 of my Relaxghan series.]

Made With Love

Self Love is a piece I created using only my favorite elements of crochet. It checks nearly all my boxes. (Side note: Dutch Rose Blanket checks, like, all my boxes, for real.)

  • Floral center, treble cluster petals
  • Circle flower, not stretched into a square
  • Huge circle motif
  • Lacy join
  • Circle-to-hexagon ❤️
  • Crazy colors, because remnants
  • Simple border

Yes. This is some serious Self Love and I enjoyed every minute of crocheting it.

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My Secret!

* I’m calling this a “finished” object, because it isn’t finished. Nope. Here’s how this project looks, right at this very moment. I’ve just folded it in a certain way, or angled the camera perfectly, to crop out the unfinished parts in the photos above.

Why? Because creating patterns for you all to enjoy motivates and energizes me. I don’t necessarily need the entire finished blanket in order to do this. Sure, if I want to sell it, I would have to finish it, but that isn’t so much a motivating factor for me.

Lately, I’ve been working really hard to evolve in my business, my personal life, and family life. I’ve realized along the way that I need to “work smarter, not harder.” This concept is something I’ve struggled with since I was a kid – all growing up, and even now, I struggle with it. As a thirty-something, it’s suddenly clicking in a big way.

For starters, I need to do more of what I love, (and less of what I don’t).

2018 Self Love Checklist

  • Stop weaving ends. Yep.
  • Only finish pieces if necessary.
  • Make frivolous (even reckless) color choices.

Check, check, and check. ❤️

Happy crafting, y’all.

– Rachele C.

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  1. Pretty – and I love the “careless”, flighty use of color! It’s very spring-y looking!

    • Thanks! I have never been too tightly wrapped up when it comes to color, but I know many people are. For now, I’m being even more lax with it, to show it really doesn’t matter ❤️ Thanks for popping in to comment! 😁❤️