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Colorburst Crochet Blanket Pattern: Triangle Motifs with Free Continuous Join-as-you-go Video Tutorial

Hi, y’all! Have you seen my new Ravelry ebook release, ShadeTree? Hit the pause button on this post, and go read all about the inaugural issue of the ShadeTree Artist Collaboration then come right back.

Okay, you back? Fab! In that post, I gave a glimpse into the blankets of Issue 1 and the artists that I worked with to produce it. In this blog series, ShadeTree: Behind the Scenes, I want to tell you more about each piece and its inspiration, as well as reveal progress photos and extras. Here are the six parts that you can expect:

ShadeTree: Behind the Scenes, Part 2 of 6

  • 14 Free Floral Granny Square Motifs
  • 2 – Colorburst Crochet Blanket Pattern: Triangle Motifs with Free Continuous Join-as-you-go Video Tutorial
  • 3 – Birdsong Crochet Blanket Pattern: Intarsia Color Magic with Granny Square Border
  • 4 – Indigo Blossom Crochet Blanket Pattern: 2 Large Hexagon Motifs with Free Continuous Join-as-you-go Video Tutorial
  • 5 – Spring Flatlay Crochet Blanket Pattern: 5 Floral Granny Square Motifs with Flat Braid Join
  • 6 – Tiny Garden Crochet Blanket Pattern: 8 Free Hexagon Motifs with Free Continuous Join-as-you-go Video Tutorial

Copyright Tiffany Santos


Each ShadeTree blanket starts with an artist or art piece for inspiration, then moves on to my brain where a blanket pattern design is formulated and the perfect Scheepjes yarn is chosen, then I hand that pattern design off to one of my talented Tester Tribe members for prototype construction and photography.

Colorburst Blanket Details

Behind the Scenes


The Colorburst Blanket was inspired by a geometric grid art drawing by Jessica Wilkinson of IG @VanillaLemonCake. I may have been a bvit mesmerized by the tiny triangles, and didn’t quite think about the fact that it would take about a zillion motifs to make an exact replica. So instead, I took a section of this drawing and decided that would be the blanket schematic. With that in mind, it was time to move on to the design planning phase.

Blanket Pattern Design

First, I needed a yarn that would come to bat with such a huge color palette. Scheepjes Cotton 8* did the trick, and out came my trusty yarn pegs. P.S. I made these during all my spare time when I was cooped up in the house during scary Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

Yarn Choice

Try not to drool when you see this next photo! Yarn makes me so happy. Or maybe it’s rainbows that get me all giddy… And yarn rainbows?? Squeeeeeee! ..I think I need to lie down. But seriously, are these colors not just so delicious and divine?

Motif Design

Now, on to the motif design of that cute little triangle. Designing a triangle is not as easy as you might think. The angles have to be just right in order to get the necessary straight sides, so fancy footwork with the stitches is definitely required. I frogged many motifs before reaching the final design below. By this time, my tester, the talented Tiffany Santos of Tifersarie Handmade, already had her rainbowlicious yarn, so I practiced some motifs with a yummy pastel combination.

And I just have to brag on this gloriously fun shot that Tiffany posted on her Instagram of her triangle motif stacks. It’s the best thing!

Copyright Tiffany Santos

Joining Method

Triangle motifs: sorted. Next, I wanted to make a free YouTube video tutorial detailing this continuous join-as-you-go (CJAYG) for triangles. (Subscribe!) My favorite part about the joining method I came up with is the way the corners come to a neat cut-out flower. It reminds me of punched leather. Also, remind me to join every single future blanket in luscious lime green yarn. Thanks.

Part 1 of the YouTube Tutorial

Here’s another guest photograph by the lovely Tiffany, showing her motif joining in progress. Gorgeous! Ugh, this palette – total perfection.

Copyright Tiffany Santos

Finished Blanket

And here it is, y’all! You can match up that yellow sunshine section with the area on the original drawing to see how it all lines up. Colorburst was a blast to dream up, and an even bigger joy to see come to life. Doesn’t the little star detail look awesome on this join?

One last photo: Tiffany’s Colorburst prototype blanket relaxing on a chair. Heart eyes.

Copyright Tiffany Santos

Copyright Tiffany Santos

I hope y’all enjoyed this deep dive sneak peek into everything that went into the Colorburst ShadeTree blanket pattern.Ā  This first issue was about two years in the making from synapse to release, and so worth it. Stay tuned for the rest of the parts in this post series! Can’t wait to share all the cool goodies.

Happy crafting, y’all!

Rachele C.

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  1. Just wow. That’s the only word I have. Wow. Okay here are a few more words. Fantastic. Amazing. Gorgeous. Rainbow Bliss. Yarn Addict Heaven. But wow.

  2. Wow…so beautiful. You are right….the star detail is gorgeous.
    This pattern is a must do.šŸ˜šŸ˜

  3. All those beautiful colours look fantastic in these pretty blankets. I have discovered a yarn shop that sells Scheepjes yarn, only 3 hours drive away. šŸ™‚ Next time we head in that direction, you know where I will stopping!

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