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Scheepjes YARN 04 – Dutch Masters

Looking for something new to crochet? Scheepjes Yarns has released their latest issue of YARN bookazine, and it is so lush.  Find this issue here at > WoolWarehouse < for speedy delivery. Dutch Masters is this issue’s theme, so the strong, deep colors – beautiful reds, purple, blue – are cozy, warm, and inviting. In fact, my coze factor has just dramatically increased.. I think I need a cup of coffee and a blanket; give me a sec.. Okay I’m back.  So my contribution to YARN 04 is on the cover in the upper right corner. It’s a blanket named “New Horizons.” I did loads of research on the works of Piet Mondrian for my piece, and did you know he did so much more than the mod red blue and yellow squares that he’s known for? Yep, when I think of Piet Mondrian, I picture the primary color squares and rectangles shown in the image above, and I’ll bet you do too. But did you know Mondrian’s earlier works include broody landscapes with muddy, emotional color? …


Square and Triangle Geometric Art

Above is a paint palette, but wouldn’t it look perfect as a blanket? Incidentally, “wouldn’t that look perfect as a blanket?” are the famous last words for me… After I say that, I spiral down toward a crazy world of wild motif design and unusual yarn color selection. This next painting is begging to be made into a fresh, hip blanket made with two-color granny square motifs. There is a link to a two-color traditional type of granny square on the Fresh Stitches blog, but I suggest you convert it to a solid granny by working the DC into the stitches below, rather than in 3DC groups as you would for a traditional granny square. A solid square would look better for this piece. Then, you would make some pure white squares where there is white space in the painting. I love how this is such a modern design – so unexpected. Below is a painting with a heavenly color choice and placement. Solid granny squares would be perfect here. Geometric Lace blanket inspiration below! 🙂 So if you’re at a loss for color inspiration, do an Internet search …

Circle-to-Square Art

I work with mostly geometric shapes in my crochet pieces, and I love to pull inspiration resources from all types of art styles. These paintings are simply begging to be made into Gumball or Textured Circles blankets! The painting below is something that I absolutely will be making into a blanket at some point in my life. My heart aches for that color combination and placement. Whether you use muddy or vibrant colors, there’s sure to be a circle-to-square crochet pattern and a geometric painting out there to inspire you!  

Andy Gilmore

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